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How do you get Ho-Oh in Pokemon Sapphire?

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Ho-Oh is unobtainable in the wild in Ruby or Sapphire without cheating. You will therefore need to trade for it from Pokémon Colosseum...or Fire Red, Leaf Green, or Emerald if you have access to the Mystic Ticket.

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How do you get Hooh and Lugia in Pokemon Sapphire?

There are quite a few ways to get Ho-oh or Lugia in Pokemon Sapphire.Get the Mystic ticket in Emerald and trade themYou can win a Ho-oh in Pokemon Colosseum for completing Mt Battle vs 100 with your story mode Pokemon, which you can then transfer to SapphireLugia is a shadow Pokemon in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, you can transfer it to Sapphire after you catch and purify itCheat

How do you get a hooh with modifier?

Shut up and listen WHAT the hell is hooh hooh or Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon games Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal. I don`t exually have an answer for the first question though...

Where to fine Hooh in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Naval rock

How do you get hooh in Pokemon Platinum?

Migrate,Trade,Or Use The Action Replay Pokemon Modifier.

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

How do you obtain hooh in Pokemon diamond?

You have to trade for it with a friend. Or you can get Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver and capture him.

Where can you get hooh on Pokemon LeafGreen?

on Navel Rock via a Nintendo Event Ticket

When does hooh appear in Pokemon Crystal?

Go here:Pokemon_crystal_how_to_find_ho_ho

How do you catch Ho-oh in Pokemon white 2?

type in: "catch hooh"

Where do you find MrCortnent in sapphire?

He is not in Pokemon: Sapphire. You will not be able to find him. He is in Pokemon: Diamond, Pokemon: Pearl, and Pokemon: Platinum. You will definitely have trouble finding him in Pokemon: Sapphire.

Where is HM01 in Pokemon Sapphire?

HM01 in Pokemon Sapphire is cut.

Where is eeve pokemon sapphire?

Evee is not availiable in Pokemon Sapphire.

What Pokemon can you get when you have Pokemon sapphire in the bottom slot but Pokemon Diamond is on?

Any Pokemon in sapphire but you have to migrate

Where is regigigas in pokemon sapphire?

You cannot get Regigas in Pokemon Sapphire as it is from the next generation of Pokemon

What sinnoh Pokemon can you get from Pokemon sapphire?

sinnoh Pokemon won't appear in Sapphire version!

What Pokemon can breed in Pokemon Sapphire?

All Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire can breed. Except for all legendaries.

Pokemon sapphire Groudon?

Not in sapphire.

How do you get hitmonlee in Pokemon sapphire?

It not avalible in Pokemon sapphire, only by trading

Where can you find Pokemon's mansion in Pokemon sapphire?

There is no Pokemon mansion in sapphire.

Where is the bike voucher in Pokemon Sapphire?

There is not a bike voucher in Pokemon sapphire

Where to find shelldon in Pokemon sapphire?

You cant, its not found in pokemon sapphire.

How do you find Lucario in the sapphire?

Lucario isn't in Sapphire,Sapphire is a Hoenn pokemon,Lucario is a sinnoh pokemon.

Can you get both hooh and Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

yes you can. but if you have Pokemon soulsilver, the first encounter will be a lugia and vice versa for ho-oh.

Where is Palkia in Pokemon sapphire?

It is impossible to get Palkia in sapphire. Palkia is a fourth generation Pokemon and sapphire only has Pokemon up to the third generation.

Can you catch the same Pokemon in sapphire and emerald?

There are many Pokemon you catch that are similar in sapphire and emerald but there are many Pokemon emerald can only get and not sapphire.

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