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Better Answer Red Dye (Kool-Aid Stain) Removal

Also works with fruit juices and Gatorades

Try to get up such a stain as soon as possible with a shop vac. Then use a mixture of half ammonia-half water.

(If you don't have ammonia...try some of the yellow antibacterial Windex). Heat up an iron. Saturate the kool-aid spot with your solution. Get a WHITE rag, towel or washcloth depending upon the size of your stain.

(If stain is very large, you can work on small portions at a time, but work slowly and patiently.) Soak the cloth down with the solution until it is dripping. Place the soaked rag over the spot. Place the iron over the spot, on top of the soaked rag.

It will sizzle. Leave the iron on the rag for appox 20-40 seconds, or if you want, you can pull it off and place it back on it every 10 seconds, that works too and is safer for your carpet. BE CAREFUL TO NOT BURN YOUR CARPET!!! The stain will slowly transfer itself to the white rag.

As rag becomes soiled, replace with new soaked white rag. Repeat as necessary - keeping in mind that you CAN burn your carpet with too many tries. This has even been reported to have worked on old red stains. Or call a professional! +++++ Answer DEPENDS ON COLOR. BUT IF YOU HAVE TRIED PRODUCT LIKE "409" WITH NO SUCCESS, TRY HYDOGEND PEROXIDE,,,EXCELLENT FOR BLOOD AND SOME OTHER STAINS.....WATER IS FIRST BEST SOLVENT, THEN RUBBING ALCOHOL, THEN HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, AFTER THAT CARPET STORES HAVE STAIN REMOVERS THAT ARE SPECIFIC FOR DIFFERENT STAINS...

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Q: How do you get Kool-aid out of carpet?
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