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How do you get Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby?


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it is not available in ruby ok? is it clear? it can only be obtained in Sapphire or if you trade it or in emerald

You have to trade with someone.

u CANNOT catch kyogre in ruby exept by trading or by cheating...so i recommend u/evry1 2 play emerald becuz it is better than ruby and sapphire coz u can catch all the 3 legendary pokemons (hope u know them) but also u must huv a Pokemon ruby and sappphire becuz there r sum pkmns that are not in emerald...that's all wat i can i say...hope i help Sorry, but you can't unless you:

A: Trade for one

B: Cheat

or C: There may be some earlier nintendo event that I am unaware of you cannot get kyorge. you can only get him on Pokemon sapphire.You can trade with sapphire if you know someone with it.