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The only way too get mew is a cheat cartridge with all 386 Pokemon.

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Use this action replay code:

Faraway Island e124b2b1 a46b45ab


you have to go to faraway island and you need a special ticket to get it and go deep into the forest and you have to play hide and seek with it and when you find it it'll attack you and you ether catch it or defeat it hope it helps :D

Pokemon cheat or just help you have to trade from Pokemon leaf green and Pokemon fire red to get mew two. on those games beat the elite four then go to the cave where misty's gym is and go though the cave and their it will be(mewtwo).

go to a Nintendo event

Actually, there is an island that you need *another* ticket for... i am unsure where to get this however. I do know that it takes you to another island which you have to make your way through a maze of trees to another area. In there is a mew.

You can get it by going to Mirage Island which only appears sometimes. There is a guy in a place near the bottom of the map (i forget what its called but its on rafts) and go to the very right and theres a house and eventually he will say "oh oh i can see mirage island today" then go right until you find an island and mew will be in the middle


it was a Nintendo event to get the old sea chart so the boat would go to faraway island. you would then see mew, have to corner it, and it would be at Lv. 30.

Get the mystery gift old sea chart, then take the ferry to faraway island.

Actually i think it's impossible to catch mew in Pokemon emerald unless you got a special event from years ago... Also you can use GameShark (which i don't recommend).Get an Old Sea Map(you should've gotten one at Japan's Pokemon Event in 2005, i think you MIGHT be able to get one through GameShark) and go to Slateport Harbor. Talk to the receptionist(at least, I think she is) and she'll ask you for a ticket*. She'll notice you have a strange map or pass(I don't really know), and will get a sailor. A sailor will come out and notice that you have the map. Then he tells you to board. You'll get to an island(which is the tiny little island east of the Battle Tower, or was it west?). Climb up, go into the forest, and you'll see Mew. It'll "fly" into the tall grass in front of you and you have to chase it around. Once you meet up with it Press A(I don't think it will stop for you.) You'll then encounter the wild Mew. you need the old sea chart which you can get from a Nintendo event You can use the game shark, action replay, or wireless adapter to find out more go to You need the Old Sea Map. I don't think you can get it, unless you hack.

This only works for Pokemon Emerald,not Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire.

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5AFFFFFFF 00000000

D2000000 0000000 There's only two ways: hacking, and getting it from a friend. You can but to do it you have to have a gameshark code or do a Nintendo event if you have the real GBA

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Q: How do you get Mew in Pokemon Emerald?
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