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How do you get Squirtle in pearl?


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you put Pokemon Leafgreen in your Nintendo slot and when you are signing into the game it says migrate from leafgreen and in leafgreen one of the starter Pokemon is a squirtle then you go to pal park to catch it in the catching show. (it has to be in ur PC before you can transfer it)

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you have to migrate from leafgreen/firered from squirtle

No, you need to migrate if from Leaf Green or Fire Red.

the only possible way is the battle park

There is no way you can catch a Squirtle in the Generation 4 Pokemon games. The only way you can get them is by trading, hacking or trading them from your FireRed/LeafGreen game.

Only possible way: if you have completed the Sinnoh Dex and obtained the National Dex. Then simply go to Pal Park and insert FireRed or Leafgreen with a Squirtle.

You can't catch a Squirtle in Pokémon Pearl. You have to trade it from Pokémon HeartGold or Soulsilver. You can also migrate it from Pokémon FireRed or LeafGreen.

Ash's squirtle isn't a Pokemon to be obtained in any way. Just name your self Ash on FireRed, LeafGreen, Red, or blue and pick squirtle as your starter Pokemon. You can transfer that onto diamond and pearl, and fool your friends into thinking that you got Ash's squirtle.

Not that im sure of though, but in the Battle Tower there is.

Squirtle is not catchable in emerald.

Squirtle is not available in Pokemon Crystal. Squirtle can only be found in Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow. Squirtle can be traded to Crystal from those titles.

It is not possible to get the ability wonder guard on a Squirtle. Squirtle is a water type of Pokemon.

There are only 2 possible ways to get Squirtle in Pearl: either by this method if you want to do it the fair and legit way, that is. 1. First, have Fire Red or Leaf Green. 2. Choose to start with Squirtle then get far enough where you have the Dex and have caught at least 7 Pokémon. 3. Save Fire Red/Leaf Green, insert it into the GBA slot of the DS then insert the Pearl Game Card into the DS slot. 4. Migrate Squirtle and 5 other Pokémon into Pearl via using the migration feature. It'll send them into the game's Pal Park where you can re-catch them. or you could trade for it over Wi-Fi.

squirtle evolves into wartortle at level 16

You can only get Squirtle in LGFR.

the Squirtle is an endangered animal... you can only get one

Squirtle is a Water type pokemon.

yes! Squirtle evolves into wartortle. it is like another squirtle with a bigger fluffier tail and wings on its head.

You can't catch a Squirtle. It's one of the Pokemon you can get from oak. You have to trade with someone who already has a Squirtle.

You do not need to evolve Squirtle using an Evolution Stone. Squirtle evolves into Wartortle at level 16.

Squirtle used to belong in a Squirtle Squad which robbed people and caused damage to the city, but then they fight a fire and the Squirtles are named the hero's and fire fighters of the city. And Ash helped Squirtle when he was in trouble so then they liked each other and when Ash was leaving, Squirtle followed him and wanted to join him in his adventures. and that is how he got squirtle..

You can't. Squirtle is a starter Pokemon, you have to trade it into your game.

you can find squirtle in route 119!

You get Squirtle as one of the starter pokemon.

Squirtle is a purely Water-type Pokemon.

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