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get a membership and buy it when it comes in the gift shop catalog

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club penguin how to get rockhoppers hat and beard

the chef hat is no linger on club penguin. sorry!

You get the hat from the coffee shop in Club Penguin.

you can't get a sensei hat in club penguin besides youtube is fake

You get the hat from the coffee shop in Club Penguin.

find it in the aniversrey of club penguin

( propeller hat ) you can get these in parties on club penguin. Youy can see when a party comes by the newspaper

a beta is a club penguin account that has the beta hat from 2005

Even though Rockhopper does have a hat, it is not buy able for users of Club Penguin and therefore the only answer given is that Rockhopper's hat is on Rockhopper's head.

The beta test hat, it was released the day Penguin Chat was changed into Club Penguin by Disney....... But Club Penguin is way better!!!!!!!!!

You cannot currently be a wizard on Club Penguin. You can however wear the Wizard Hat.

You can get various party hats during every club penguin party.

The easiest hat to get in Club Penguin is the Miners Hat. Its always in the cave. The new cave, you gotta go through the mine and you will find an entrance. Then click in the miners hat and jackhammer and you will get it.

You can get a hard hat whenever Club Penguin is working on building something. Last time they gave it out, we were re-building the Dojo.

To get the Spinny hat in Club Penguin you'll have to wait till it's a free gift in a party or sold in the gift shop.

The 2011 Music Jam Hat In Club Penguin Is Located At The Cove And All You Do Is Pick It Up Because Its Free!!! (:

The first item in club penguin was the party hat. Some people call it the beta hat. It's Pink and yellow.

When you have the propeller hat wear nothing but the hat. Then when you have it on wave and you will be flying. You can not move and fly at the same time. Add me on club penguin. My name is Pangy Pong.

You have to wait for it to appear in the Penguin Style Magazine.

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