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How do you get a app on a ipod touch?


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go to the app store located on your iPod touch or on iTunes store on your computer

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On the iPod touch you have to have an app to text if you do then your app has a number

After you buy the app, and after it goes on your ipod touch, you drag the app you want to put on your ipod touch to you're ipod icon. For example: if you called your ipod Jane's ipod touchthen you drag the app over to where it says Jane's ipod touch. Then, you wait for the app to load onto your ipod and when it says syncing complete, then you can slide to unlock your ipod and you can use your app.

The App Store app automatically comes pre-installed in the iPod Touch.

There is no known Calvin and Hobbes app for the iPod Touch.

Yes, there is a MyTown 2 app for the iPod touch.

Comes as an app on the ipod touch

Comes as an app on the ipod touch

Yes, the iPod Touch does have a Facebook app in the App Store for free. Thanks for asking!

No, there is not a video camera app. The iPod Touch does not have a video camera, so it would not be useful on an iPod Touch.

i forgot my ipod touch username for app store?

There is an App Store app on the iPod Touch that is used to download apps.

No it's not a app for iPod touch I searched the app store didn't find the right match

The Facebook iPod Touch/iPhone app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

On most iPod Touch Phones the texting app is needed to be payed for.

No, you cannot. You must go through iTunes or the App store to have an iPod Touch get its own apps. It is impossible to send an app from one iPod Touch to another iPod Touch.

The built-in Music app views and plays music placed on your iPod Touch by iTunes. On unmodified iPod Touches, the Music app icon is orange and has a note symbol.

The App Store is already included on the iPod Touch.

It depends which generation iPod touch you have

No, there is presently not an app for the ipod touch to weigh things on its screen.

yes you can get a calling app for ipod touch but you will need to have a mic and wi-fi to use it

If it's a paid app then you can't get i for free. Go Daily App Dream and App Shopper everyday to get a paid app on the ipod touch for free.

If you are trying to access iTunes through the iTunes app on your iPod Touch, it is because you have restrictions on your iPod Touch that prevent you from using that App.

No, the third generation iPod Touch does not have an app to use a video camera.

the best ipod touch app for books would be ebooks you can find them on the apple website.

On your ipod their is a App, Called"App Store" click it, then on the bottom it says search then type it in and their you go!

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