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How do you get a baby in The Sims 2?


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September 25, 2009 9:21AM

Two options -

Firstly buy a double bed in Buy Mode.
Place it in a room with at least on square space on the two sides and its end
Select an Adult Sim
Select the bed, and select 'Relax'
Select another Adult Sim (of the opposite sex to Sim number one)
Select the bed, and select relax once more
If the two Sims have a good relationship (about 90+ or else romance) then when you select one of the relaxing sims you should be able to click on the other sim and select any of the following items

- WooHoo
- Try for Baby
- Cuddle
- etc. . .

After trying for a baby you will have to wait for a short while, and might notice the Female Sim clutching her stomach, or thinking about children or children's toys. If the Female is pregnant then a baby will be born in about 2 Sims days.

Otherwise -

Select your phone
Select 'Call Service'
Select 'Adoption Agency'

After this other options (choosing your child) are fairly self explanatory - the child will arrive at a predetermined date, ensure that a Sim is home to meet the new baby. Ideally quit one of the sims jobs until the child is at least a teenager.