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you need to catch 500 fish then you'll get a bamboo rod then catch 1000 fish to get a black rod then 1500 fish to get a pink rod the 2000 fish to get a gold rod

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You get a free twig fishing rod automatically when you go to the fishing pond.

well if your new to fishing go to a fishing shop and ask for a cheap starter rod and a starter kit. When you get better buy a better rod or get one of the best rods from eBay for cheaper

you buy a angler fishing rod from pet pet emporium in Market Lane

Before you can get the gold fishing rod you have to get the silver fishing rod and before you get the silver fishing rod you have to get the copper fishing rod. To get the copper fishing rod you upgrade your regular fishing rod at the general store.

The golden fishing rod extends the fishing line 2x farther then a regular fishing rod.

A fishing rod or a fishing pole is a tool used to catch fish,

There are several differences between a fly fishing rod and a regular fishing rod and the most obvious would be the the way the rod is constructed. Regular fishing rods are usually glued pieces to form the rod whereas the fly fishing rod is usually "glued" together with synthetic materials.

Old Rod- From the Fishing Guru on Route 32. Good Rod- From the Fishing Guru at Olivine City. Super Rod- In Kanto on Route 12 from a Fishing Guru.

Old Rod---Route 32 from the Fishing Guru Good Rod---Olivine City from the Fishing Guru Super Rod---Route 12 from the Fishing Guru

Yes, he developed a fishing rod. The rod was called The Tesla Coil.

Before you can get a copper fishing rod are you sure you have followed this checklist?1. I Own enough copper to give to the black smith for the Copper fishing rod?2. I have enough experience with my fishing rod that it can be upgraded to copper?3. Do I have enough gold to get my fishing rod upgraded?4. Do I own a fishing rod?If those 4 are ALL complete you should be able to get your fishing rod upgraded.

To get the fishing rod you have to finish the game first. Then when you finish you have to do a riddle from the major and when you get it right go to him later and you will get a starter fishing rod from him.

You talk to fishermen and one gives you a fishing rod.

A fishing rod is a lever, and the reel is a combination of pulley and lever.

You get the fishing rod at your home after the elite four.

it is hard but if your an addict its not that hard you need to catch 500 fish to get the bamboo rod 1000 to get the black rod 1500 to get the pink rod then last 2000 to get the golden rod i hope this helps!

one of the fisherman on route 32 will give you a fishing rod.

you get an only fishing rod during the heroes quest. you must talk to someone i port sarim (its been awhile for me) and get a vial of blamish snail oil. then you use the oil on a fishing rod, and now you have an oily fishing rod

The best fishing rod to use is the Super Rod. It is more sturdy and will catch you more decent Pokemon.

first,buy an anglor fishing rod at market lane.then,press the cloth button to hold the water on the lake until get a fish!

In animal crossing, when you catch all of the fish you get a golden fishing rod. This fishing rid is supposed to cast the line out two times fartger than a regular fishing rod :)))

The old rod is located in Route 32 from a Fishing Guru (look for him) The Super rod is located in Route 12 from...again..a fishing guru (look for him)

I know where you get the rod but which game

you can get the fishing rod in the ski lodge just beside the door that has a sign that says gone fishing.

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