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You can't remove bulbasaurs bulb...... ._.

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How to get Celebi?

Here's how to get Celebi! Have a Bulbasaur and a Scyther in your party at the same time. Teach the Scyther Cut. Go into a double battle. Have Bulbasaur and Scyther be partners. Tell Scyther to use Cut on the Bulbasaur. You will get a Bulbasaur bulb. Give a moon stone to the bulb. It will turn into a Celebi.

Why does Bulbasaur have a bulb on his back?

two reasons 1) the bulb helps it through life (like photosynthesis) 2) it's mother plants it on it's back

How does Bulbasaur get its bulb on its back?

In Pokémon Red/Blue it says this, "A strange seed was planted on its back at birth. The plant sprouts and grows with this Pokémon."

How do you get light bulb in Pokemon Ruby?

There is a 5% chance that wild Pikachu caught in the Safari Zone will be holding a light ball. There is no light bulb in Pokemon Ruby.

How do you catch Celebi in Heart Gold?

Well I don't know if this woks in Heart Gold or Soul Silver. BUT... Have a Bulbasaur and a Syther as your first two slots in your party. The Syther need to know the HM move cut. And also have at least one moon stone. Okay, now here is how to get a Celebi. Go into a double battle an send out Bulbasaur and Syther. Next, purposely cut your Bulbasaur. Then, it'll say a Bulbasaur bulb fell off your Bulbasaur. Then all you have to do is give that bulb a moon stone and there you have it. Still not sure if it is in this version.Hello there,In order to catch the legendary Celebi in HG/SS, you need Action Replay (available at any store where you may purchase video game accessories), after using the Master Ball cheat, you must delete your master balls into until they reach the forties, and run around in wild grass areas while holding L. You should keep deleting master balls until you reach Celebi. You may use a master ball-you wont skip any legendary Pokemon by doing so.CS** :)

Cost of first light bulb?

the first light bulb was very expensive, because it used platinum for a aliments. Then, Thomas Edison began the use of carbon aliments which were not very much.

How many Pokemon does it take to screw in a light bulb?

649, and even then that won't be enough.

How do you get a bulb in Pokemon FireRed?

Ummm well you could buy one at like home depot or Lowes....!

How does Thomas Alva Edison's light bulb work?

Michael Faraday's made a light bulb with a platinum wire, he put it in a small glass globe, and attached it to a low voltage source. it glowed and produced light. Platinum is expensive. It only worked at low voltage. Others made lightbulbs. Edison decided a light bulb was a good idea but it needed to be made inexpensively. It needed to work at a higher voltage. The source of the electricity needed to be different from the place where the light bulb would be used. He looked for a material that could be made inexpensively and could last. It needed to be able to take higher voltage. He heated some thread until it turned to carbon. Then he made a vacuum inside a light bulb. He put the thread inside the bulb. It worked. He created a light bulb. It could be made inexpensively. It could work at a fairly high voltage.

Where to find light bulb in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go to five island and receive the parcel from the old man. Then go to Bill(after finding the ruby and sapphire) and give him the parcel. Bill will give you the light bulb.

What is a fuse bulb?

a fuse bulb is a bulb in which the filament of the bulb burns and it stops working

How get light bulb out of bulb holder?

Twist the bulb to the left.

2004 gmc fog lamp bulb part number?

GM part number 10346260 , the short trade number that you can use at a parts store is 9145.

Which light bulb has the lowest watts?

the lite bulb is calld a save energe lite bulb yah=( or the light bulb is called the energy green bulb=)

How do you replace the reverse light bulb on a VW beetle?

You will remove the two bolts from the bulb, then turn the bulb from the bulb holder, the bulb should come right out. You are now ready to install the new bulb.

What is a sentence with the word bulb?

Bulb is a noun. Example sentences: I want to find an LED bulb to replace the incandescent bulb that burned out. The thermometer was made of glass, with a bulb at the end.

Why the bulb does not light up in a closed circuit?

A bulb does not light up if there is no voltage available across the bulb, or if the bulb is burned out.

How do you replace a Cadillac bulb?

need to know what bulb. The check engine bulb

Is garlic a fruit or bulb?

garlic is a fruit and a bulb . there is a type fruit ,and bulb.

Why is an onion a bulb?

In the shape of a bulb

What happens to the bulb when the switch is closed?

If the switch is in the same series circuit as the bulb and the filament of the bulb is not broken then the bulb should light.

What part of the plant is an onion bulb?

The bulb.... an onion bulb is the seed that you plant to grown an onion. So, the part of the plant is a bulb.

What is the difference between a 60watt light bulb and a 100 watt light bulb?

The 60 watt bulb will consume less energy and not be as bright as a 100 watt bulb. Most bulb sockets will specify a recommended bulb rating.

How much volage does a light bulb use?

it varys from light bulb to light bulb.

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