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I put the candle and holder in the freezer.AnswerYou might try warming the vase with a hairdryer to begin to melt the wax around the sides and bottom. AnswerThis is opposite the last idea but worked for me. Put the whole thing in the freezer. The vase's material will contract with the cold and the wax will loosen and come right out. AnswerIt may not be possible to do without damaging the candle. If this is not an issue, then it's possible to run the vase under hot water, softening the candle. An easier approach, depending on the size of the candle, is simply lighting the candle within the vase using a long match. Allow the candle to completely burn itself out. You'll have no problem removing the remnants by simply dumping them out once cooled.
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Q: How do you get a candle out of a vase?
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