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You file a change of venue motion.

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2010-08-13 01:36:54
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Q: How do you get a change of venue from one county to another in NJ?
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What is a change of venue?

Change of venue in a criminal case is something that will take place if the Judge/Court feels that the defendant cannot receive a fair trial in a given venue because of prejudice. In civil cases a change of venue may take place just for the convenience of the parties involved. It's basically the change of location from one court to another court or from one county to another county.

The movement of a trial from one location to another?

Change of Venue

How do you get a change of venue from one county to another in Texas?

You or your defense attorney will have to file a motion for the change of venue to the court. A hearing will be held prior to the trial and you will have to argue why and for what reason you are requesting the change. Usually its because the defendant can not have a fair trail in the original county where the charges where filed. This is usually due to high publicity cases where there is intense media coverage.

How do you take a court case from one court to another?

You must file a motion for a Change of Venue.

What is the moving of a trial from one location to another in hopes of securing a fair trial?

Change of Venue

How do you get a change of venue from one county to another?

You have to file a written notice of motion to the court for an order granting a change in venue to another county. Check with the Clerk of the court in which your action is pending for the rules of procedure making motions in general and motions for changes in venue in particular. You will most likely have to at the very least file an affidavit showing facts that prove that you will not be able to receive a fair hearing in the present county of venue. This is generally not an easy thing to do since changes in venue are usually based on advance adverse publicity so pervasive it would prevent a jury from the area from giving an unbiased verdict. If this is a child support matter (since that is the original category) there is no jury involved. Thus you would probably have to prove that there is something within that county's court system that would prevent you from getting an unbiased ruling.

Can you have a court order in one county and go to another county regarding the same order?

Yes, if one of the parents and/or child(ren) are residents of the second county. Of course, only one venue can have jurisdiction at any given time - this is governed by the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA).

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How can you get a custody case changed to another county due to conflict of interest?

You or your attorney will need to file a request for a change of venue. In most cases, there needs to be very expllicit reasons for a change of venue. The most common reasons for change of venue are that the judge is related to one of the litigants (you or your ex) or the jury has been over exposed to the story in the news. You will not normally have a jury case, so you will need to show that the judge is unable to hear and decide the case. This is difficult to do. In addition, you risk making the judge less than friendly to your cause or your side if your point is that he or she is incapable of being unbiased in this case. It is a slight slur to the judge when you clearly state that he or she can't do his job.

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