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get a trapinch and train it to around lv 41

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Q: How do you get a character to dig in Pokemon Emerald?
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Where is a Pokemon with dig in emerald?

i want a Pokemon with dig for open the cove of the regis

What TM is dig in Pokemon emerald?

TM 28 is dig

Can you get dig twice in Pokemon Emerald?


What Pokรฉmon learn dig in Pokรฉmon Emerald?

what Pokemon emerald can you find that all ready knows dig Most ground Pokemon can learn dig like my sandshrew! dig is a TM fyi

What Pokemon on emerald learns dig?

u can teach vulpix dig.

Which Pokemon knows dig on Pokemon emerald?

Dig is a TM, and you can teach it to most ground types.

Can you teach dig to a Pokemon in emerald that has forgoten it?

Yes, you can teach a Pokemon the move dig after it has forgotten it.

Which town in the Pokemon mart is dig in Pokemon emerald?

None of them.

What Pokemon comes with the move dig in Pokemon emerald?


Can you buy the TM dig in Pokemon Emerald?


How many dig are there in Pokemon emerald?


Where can you dig in Pokemon Emerald?

In a battle or a cave

In Pokemon emerald can the Pokemon vibrava learn the move dig?

it can if you teach trapinch dig before you evole it

Pokemon emerald what Pokemon can learn dig?

Most Ground Pokemon and some fighting types; I have a blaziken that knows dig.

Can Blaziken learn dig on Pokemon emerald?

yes. but you have to use the TM dig

Can sandshrew learn dig in Pokemon Emerald?


What Pokemon do you catch with dig in Pokemon emerald?

from Prince Kayne: none u have to catch them and then teach them dig with the tM

What Pokemon in Pokemon emerald learn dig?

Any Pokemon that are ground type should be able to learn DIG. Hope this helps :)

How do you dig in the sealed chamber in emerald version?

you have to get a Pokemon that knows dig with you and then use dig in front of the first braille

In Pokemon emerald what Pokemon know dig?

diglett, rayquaza, and most ground type Pokemon

Can Linoone learn Dig in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, Linoone is able to learn Dig by TM.

Is there a Pokemon in Emerald that learns dig from the move tutor?


How do you get a lot TM dig in another way in Pokemon emerald?

You can buy them in firered then trade them to emerald.

How do you find a Pokemon that knows dig in Pokemon Emerald?

Breed jigglypuff. Igglybuffs sometimes know how to dig.... It may be impossible but it works for me!

Pokemon emerald what to do if you loose dig?

Buy the TM Dig or catch any Pokemon that already knows it. A common one is Diglett.