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The easiest way would be to get a secured credit card, which means you essentially pay for it. But if you're credit is passable, you may be able to get an unsecured card on your own or use a co-signer to boost your chances.

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Q: How do you get a credit card with no job?
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Can you transfer credit card without a job?

Yes you can transfer a credit card without a job..................vcklhjhiughjkghgja

Does nyllara exist?

A credit card with no job

Where could you get a internet job without a credit card?

Any legitimate job on the internet DOES NOT require you to have a credit card. Never pay a fee for any job, it's a scam.

Can you get a credit card with no job and no checking or savings account and if so where do you look?

Start with a department store card. If you can't get that start with a "secured" credit card. It will build credit and allow you to apply for a regular credit card down the road.

If your are 17 years old and married can you get a credit card?

can i get a credit card im 17years old married and have a job and a kid

Do you need a credit card for a job?

No. Lots of people with jobs don't have credit cards.

How does one apply for a platinum credit card?

The way to apply for any credit card including a platinum credit card would be to go to the website and apply. You need a stable job and good credit too.

Where can you get a credit card without a job?

you can go to the abbey bank and get a red cash card.

Does a wife need a job if she wants to apply for a credit card?


Where can I get high school student credit cards ?

If you have a job or if you are a working student, you can apply to have a credit card. Because credit card companies like HSBC will not allow people to apply for a credit card without a salary. If you are a working student, you can apply for one and the amount or limit of your credit card will depend on your salary.

What are the disadvantages of a poor credit card?

Having a credit card is not always an easy job. There are advantages, but also disadvantages. One of the disadvantage is to have a poor credit card record which means that the credit card is being overused. With the poor credit card record, the applicant would find it difficult to approach the amount, because it would be more expensive than normal.

Who can apply for a goldfish credit card?

"Those who can apply for a goldfish credit card must be of the age of 18 or older, have a good credit history with no deliquencies, have a steady job, and keep your payments on time."

Do you need to pay the Home Depot card if you lose your job?

In general, any debt you owe on any credit card is still payable if you lose a job.

If you're 22 and a senior in college with no credit history and no job what is the best way to get a credit card if you were denied for a Citibank student card?

Have a parent or adult w/credit history co-sign on a credit card in your name. Also start to put utilities in your name when possible.

Can someone tell me how to apply for a credit card?

You could find a part time job at your college. Apply for credit card at your college, the acceptance rate is very high.

How can you find jobs for the Discover credit card company?

Most of the popular job search sites will have postings for jobs with the Discover credit card company. Job posting for Discover can also be found on the career pages of the companies website.

Do you need a credit check to get a job doing credit card processing?

Depending on the type of employer where you are doing the credit card processing and the position that you are looking for. These positions are mostly sr. management and high volume CSR.

Can you get a credit card with bad credit no job and no bank account?

Yes, you can obtain a pre-paid credit card to start establishing credit. There are "credit" cards available at many places where you pay in advance. Capital One is a Mastercard company with lower standards for issuing credit cards.

Where does the money for your monthly credit card payment come from?

I don't know about yours. I have a job, and get paid for working. Part of my pay is used to pay off my credit card bill.

Do 10 year old get a bank card?

yes and no you can get a debit card a pre paid one, but you cant get a credit card until your 21 and you have a job

what is the better credit card?

Credit card is better than Case.

Where can you find online typing jobs for teen at home for those without a credit card?

Minimum age is 18 years old with experience, and any true online job will never need a credit card. You never pay for a job

How can a teen get a credit card with no credit?

a prepaid credit card

What is credit card pos?

credit card pos = credit card point of sale.