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How do you get a divorce when the other person lives in another country?

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The term in absentia springs to mind... check with a divorce lawyer where YOU live.

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What is difference between an cmigrant and an immigrant?

An emigrant is a person who leaves his/her country. An immigrant is a person who arrives and lives in another country

You live in the country panama and want a divorce from wife in the Us how do you file?

i want a divorce from my wife but i live in the country panama and she lives in the united states, what is the process of filing for divorce?

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

Can an inmate in Texas file for a divorce and do the work himself while being incarcerated when his wife lives in another state?

Where can one find a cell phone number of a person that lives in another country?

There is no comprehensive directory of cell phone numbers where one can find the number of a person who lives in another country. If one's cell phone number was publicly available one would be deluged by junk calls.

Can you file for divorce in the Unites states from a different country?

If the respondent still lives here.

I am a conditional immigrant who lives in America and I was married in Nicaragua and my spouse lives in Nicaragua so where do I file for divorce?

You would need to file for divorce in the country in which you were married. Therefore, you would need to file in Nicaragua.

One who lives in another country?

An immigrant.

Can a person take another person to court if that person lives in another state?

go die and ask your lawyer

Is Norway a foreign country?

It depends on whether you live there or not. If you do not live there, it is a foreign country. If you live there, it is not a foreign country. Instead, it is called a mother country. ex)A person who lives in America would call Norway a foreign country because he or she does not live there. In contrast, a person who lives in Norway would call Norway his or her mother country because he or she lives there.

Can you get divorced if your spouse lives in another country?

go to court

Who lives longer Muslim men or women?

This depends entirely upon which country the person lives.

Can a husband and wife get a divorce if one person lives in Arkansas and the other lives in Texas?

Yes, you can. Providing you have a valid reason for ending the marriage, to tell the judge.

Who is the famous person who lives in the smallest country in the world?

the pope

What kind of person is peasant?

A person who is a peasant is a person who lives rural life (Country Life) as a farmer.

How do you divorce a spouse who is in a foreign country?

Consult a divorce attorney for your state's laws. Most states have a provision to divorce a spouse who's absent or whose exact address is unknown. In many cases, you have to attempt to find them (to have papers served) by advertising in a local paper. The same procedure as if the person were living in the same country/state where the other spouse wants to file the divorce. The spouse wanting the dissolution of the marriage simply follows the procedures required under the laws of the state in which he or she lives.

How do you get guardianship for a child that is not your and lives in another country?

You can't obtain a legal guardianship for a child who does not reside in your jurisdiction. The court would not have any authority to grant a guardianship over a child who lives in another country.

In what country does a burmese live?

A Burmese person lives in Myanmar (Burma).

How do you go about filing for divorce by publication to your spouse who lives in Jordan but you do not know his current address you know his former address?

the country jordan?

How can someone who is in the USA as a tourist from Mexico get divorced from his wife who lives in Mexico?

A person on a tourist visa would not be eligible to file for divorce in the United States. The person would need to return to Mexico to file for a divorce according to the established laws.

How can a man marry a woman he has been living with for 8 years if his catholic wife who lives with another man won't give him a divorce so he can remarry?

You may only divorce if your spouse (Partner) has commited adultery (Intercourse with another man). If she is commiting adultery and not giving you permission to divorce, ask your priest. You should be able to forcibly divorce if she does commit adultery.

You are a dual citizenship in US and Turkey but currently living in Turkey for 20 years should you pay taxes to the states?

Someone who has dual citizenship in another country does not need to pay taxes in the USA if he lives and makes money in another country. The person is bound by the financial laws of the country of residence.

Judgment that was made 24 years ago via a divorce It was made in NJ and the person lives in pa is it still good?


If someone was married in Maryland and they want a divorce but spouse lives in lousinana what state do you file for the divorce?

If you want a divorce, you file for a divorce in the state where you are a resident.

Is it possible to love someone who lives in another country so different from yours and you never met this person except online?

There is way you can love someone far away that is different from you. A person cannot help who they love.

Am I required to pay child support if my child lives in another country?


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