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To get a dragon dagger fast in runescape is you need a lvl 75 woodcutting. Each bag is 32k.

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The Answer Is: You Can't. You can only buy a corrupt dragon dagger or pk in a pvp world for one. There is no way you can corrupt any dragon weapons.

Dragon Dagger, Dragon Battle Axe, Dragon Longsword, Dragon Halberd ----------------- Mainly out of those, Dragon Dagger P++ and Dragon Battle Axe are best. EDIT. dragon claws are better.

Dragon Dagger P++ is a good weapon, but make sure it is P++ not P+. - Other than that Dragon Longsword is good, but the special attack hits twice on the Dagger and the Dagger is Cheaper.

fast you can use its speical move which hits 2 times

Dragon Dagger P++ or Just a Dragon Dagger or you can use the Dragon Long. I like the Dragon Dagger P++ best Dragon Claws are 28million gold. they are best as of now. i recommend you do monkey madness and get dragon scimitar because sooner or later you will have to because dragon longsword is very slow to train with. dragon 2 handed sword is around 1million gold dragon spears do not require a quest but are not that great.

Well i always hated the dragon dagger because when ever i verse someone they always keep killing me with their special attacks lol but i think the dagger is the best even though i hate it X D

Pre-Evolution of Combat, the Dragon Longsword was the better main weapon with the Dragon Dagger being the special weapon.Post-Evolution of Combat, the Dragon Longsword beats the Dagger for constant use.

To wear dragon items you need to beat certain quest for the weapon dragon dagger: lost city dragon longsword: lost city dragon battleaxe: heroes quest dragon mace: heroes quest dragon scimitar: monkey madness dragon spear: none dragon 2h: none dragon halberd: regicide

You can get one by: 1) buying it from a shop in Zanaris 2) buying it from the Grand Exchange or trading with another player or 3) as a rare monster drop

It would have to be any rune weapon other then the dagger but if you do have 60 attack it would be dragon anything

Buy both and add poison to the dagger. That way u can use the special with the longsword and u can poison the thing you are fightingi have bith just wanted to know but ty, oh and poison dont give xp

runescape becase unlike runescape its multi player and on runescape it not so much to be a member unlike dragon fabe. i use to dragon fabel. so i thought it was fun but when i found runescape i left dragon fabel and on runescape you get more stuff

'Toxic Dagger' is not an item, it is a skill learned on the Dagger skill list.

slashscape is a game like is runescape but they just changed it and made edgeville is runescape before the update can get runescape member things in slashscape, like:white amour,dark bow dragon dagger(s) (s is super poison) there are more things in slashscape like:whips(white,rune,dragon) and abyssal) and bow sword

you put your skill points in dagger and get it :D

Runescape:Dragon Dagger for "Members Only" Rune Dagger "Free Accounts". Edit by imdill3: Dragon Dager (p++) [max poisened] is the best member dagger.

The Rune Scimitar, Dragon Scimitar, Dragon Dagger, and many others. This is just a list of popular ones that people use and t here are many others that are good as well.

4682 if gran exchange and 12000 at store

There is no Dragon Kiteshield in Runescape, there is only a Dragon Square Shield and to get the your cheapest bet is off another player at Grand Exchange.

No, Dragon Slayer is the last quest you can complete without a Runescape membership.

if you have 99 summoning you can kill a dragon to get its egg.

that's questionable but can be taken both ways!

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