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Dragon Amulets costs money, so you will need to go to Upgrade your Account on the main page.

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How do you get free dragonamulet on dragonfable?

It is not possible to get a free Dragon Amulet.

How do you become a dragon rider in dragonfable?

you dont you need a dragonamulet

What do gaurdians do in dragonfable?

They get the guardian armour and a bit more priveliges then normal DragonAmulet holders.

Can you give me a free Dragonfable Dragonamulet account or aq guardian?

No. You must create you own account.

Can you buy a dragonamulet using Philippine money in dragonfable?

Yes, via CherryCredits, about 1.5k~1.7k

In DragonFable can you save a class armor and does it charge you for doing so?

You must have a DragonAmulet and have bought the Armor closet

How do you become a dragonamulet dragonfable for free?

It is not possible to get it for free, nor there are Cheats for any Artix Entertainment game to become a member for free.

How do you get a free dragonfable dragonamulet without wpe pro or paying?

You have to buy them. There is no way to get a permanent DA only a temporary sucky one.

How do you beat Honda in dragonfable?

become very strong. level 22+dragonamulet+dragon with nearly all of the skills=not enough :S

How do you get a black dragon in dragonfable?

You can obtain a black dragon by going to Lady Celestia and editing your dragon's appearance. You can only save the appearance if you have a DragonAmulet.

What is ad on dragonfable?

An AD on Dragonfable is someone trying to get their game out over the web by doing it through other games. To get rid of this (if you are in possession of a DragonAmulet), scroll down to the bottom of the ADs and click the HERE link which will take you to the game, but without the ADs at the bottom.

Does playing dragonfable cost money?

No, but if you want a DragonAmulet for tons of more things to have and do in the game, you need to pay $20 per character, or just $30 for all characters on your account.

What is your dragonamulet account in dragofable?

pay for it

Can someone send you a free dragonamulet account?

what's that answer

What is the best class in dragonfable for dragonamulet holders?

"For me personally, the best class for one of my [favorite] games, Dragonfable, is the ranger because you use alot of offensive skills, which i like." -George Bush lo I'm kidding George Bush didn't say that (I'm not trying to offend him or anyone he was the first famous person that popped in my head) it is my personal opinion actually i really like ranger for those reasons...

How do you get doom knight armor in dragonfable?

To get the complete Doom Knight armor, you must either purchase a piece of the armor every 6 months for $20.00 (with the addition of 10,000 DCs) or if you have been a DragonAmulet holder for at least two years, you can buy the complete set for between $60-$80.

How do you get free dragonamulet?

You go to the hidden cave next to warlics portal and its there

How yo get to another world in Dragon Fable?

you go to the dragonamulet at the bottom

Where does one find a dragonfable private server? why is dragonfable in this category?

Cheats for dragonfable?

there are no cheats in dragonfable

Is dragonfable better than the RuneScape?


Were can you find a Dragonfable SWF?

At the dragonfable Website

How do you flee in dragonfable?

You cannot flee in Dragonfable.

Where is kaya city in dragonfable?

Are you sure you're asking for it in Dragonfable? Because there is no Kaya City in Dragonfable.

Is rhere a house in Dragon Fable?

IF you have a dragonamulet, you need to go to cysero's orb in falconreach

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