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get a worm and the fish will bite it if you want to catch the big fish get fish beside the big fish the big fish will eat it

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โˆ™ 2012-04-17 04:15:00
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Q: How do you get a fish on aqua grabber club penguin?
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How do you get the red fish on club penguin aqua grabber?

grab it hahahahaha

How do you get past the mini blow fish in Aqua Grabber on Club Penguin?

You go AROUND it :)

How do you catch the Freddy fish on aqua grabber in club penguin?

u grab him when he is asleep

How do you get the big red fish in the game aqua grabber on club penguin?

you have to catch a regular fish and then give it to the red fish and get it

What is the puffer fish for on Club Penguin?

There is a puffer fish pin. Also, in the game aqua grabber, they can poke your sub with their spikes.

How do you fish in aqua grabber?

You grab the little yellow fish with your extending grabber

How do you catch the mullet on club penguin aqua grabber?

well, first catch the worm, using the worm as bait capture the fluffy(yellow fish) then using the yellow fish as bait capture the mullet

Crab Club Penguin?

If you are talking about this, the crab on Club Penguin is in Aqua Grabber. Aqua Grabber is at the Ice-Berg.The crab is in soda seas inside the cave. You have to get past Mulet(a HUGE red fish) to find him. Once you get past mulet, go down and u see a big pile on gold and a crab. You can take the gold!!!! but the crab would get "CRABBY"at you if u do! HAHA!!

How do you make easy money on club penguin?

All you need to do is go to Ice berg and play aqua grabber then on the menu click on the pointy fish and when you finish the level you get 850% Hope i helped.

How do you get past the mullet in aqua grabber soda seas in club penguin?

To get past the mullet in soda seas on Club Penguin, you have to get a worm. Then catch a yellow fish with the worm. Then feed the yellow fish to the mullet. You can choose to keep the mullet and put it into the net or you can set it free. If you choose to catch it you will get 1000 coins. Good Luck!

How do you get the crystal in aqua grabber?

keep away from the fish and move slowly

How do you get a yellow fish on aqua grabber?

You need to get bait which you can find by banging on the top of the left cave.

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