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To prepare your rod for fishing, you first want to make sure your string is fairly new, and wont break when fishing. the best way to do this is to take about a foot or so of string out and try to break it, if it holds then you are good. you also want to test the reel, this can be done by simply putting a weight at the end of the string and casting it out not to far and realling it back in. the reel should feel smooth. if its hard to reel in there might be sand in the reel, if this happens, don't reel in anymore, you can damage it. take your reel to the nearest fishing or outdoor store and have them clean it. also make sure your rod isn't cracked or weak in any areas. once this inspection is done you are ready for a day on the lake!

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Why cant you buy the gold fishing rod in tree of tranquility?

Before you can get the gold fishing rod you have to get the silver fishing rod and before you get the silver fishing rod you have to get the copper fishing rod. To get the copper fishing rod you upgrade your regular fishing rod at the general store.

What does the golden fishing rod do in animal crossing?

The golden fishing rod extends the fishing line 2x farther then a regular fishing rod.

What is fishing rod?

A fishing rod or a fishing pole is a tool used to catch fish,

What makes a fly fishing rod different from a regular fishing rod?

There are several differences between a fly fishing rod and a regular fishing rod and the most obvious would be the the way the rod is constructed. Regular fishing rods are usually glued pieces to form the rod whereas the fly fishing rod is usually "glued" together with synthetic materials.

Where to get a fishing rod in heartgold Pokemon?

Old Rod- From the Fishing Guru on Route 32. Good Rod- From the Fishing Guru at Olivine City. Super Rod- In Kanto on Route 12 from a Fishing Guru.

How do you get a fishing rod on pet society?

You get a free twig fishing rod automatically when you go to the fishing pond.

Where do you get a rod in pokemon heartgold?

Old Rod---Route 32 from the Fishing Guru Good Rod---Olivine City from the Fishing Guru Super Rod---Route 12 from the Fishing Guru

Did Nikola Tesla invent the fishing rod?

Yes, he developed a fishing rod. The rod was called The Tesla Coil.

The blacksmith won't give me the copper fishing rod on harvest moon ds?

Before you can get a copper fishing rod are you sure you have followed this checklist?1. I Own enough copper to give to the black smith for the Copper fishing rod?2. I have enough experience with my fishing rod that it can be upgraded to copper?3. Do I have enough gold to get my fishing rod upgraded?4. Do I own a fishing rod?If those 4 are ALL complete you should be able to get your fishing rod upgraded.

On my sims agents how do you get a fishing rod?

To get the fishing rod you have to finish the game first. Then when you finish you have to do a riddle from the major and when you get it right go to him later and you will get a starter fishing rod from him.

Where do you get a fishing rod on Pokemon Diamond?

You talk to fishermen and one gives you a fishing rod.

Is a fishing rod a lever?

A fishing rod is a lever, and the reel is a combination of pulley and lever.

Where is the fishing rod in Pokemon Black and White?

You get the fishing rod at your home after the elite four.

How do you get the fishing rod in Pokemon Silver?

one of the fisherman on route 32 will give you a fishing rod.

How do you get an oily fishing rod in runescape?

you get an only fishing rod during the heroes quest. you must talk to someone i port sarim (its been awhile for me) and get a vial of blamish snail oil. then you use the oil on a fishing rod, and now you have an oily fishing rod

What is the best fishing rod?

The best fishing rod to use is the Super Rod. It is more sturdy and will catch you more decent Pokemon.

Where to place fishing rod bell on rod?

the last eye on the rod.

What does a golden fishing rod do on Animal Crossing?

In animal crossing, when you catch all of the fish you get a golden fishing rod. This fishing rid is supposed to cast the line out two times fartger than a regular fishing rod :)))

How do you get a fishing rod on pokemon?

you ask a fishing man

Where do people say fishing rod?

while fishing.

What is the name of the big fishing pole?

Fishing Rod?

Where do you get the fishing rod in Pokemon HeartGold?

The old rod is located in Route 32 from a Fishing Guru (look for him) The Super rod is located in Route 12 from...again..a fishing guru (look for him)

The west where to get a fishing rod?

I know where you get the rod but which game

Where do you find the fishing rod on club penguin?

you can get the fishing rod in the ski lodge just beside the door that has a sign that says gone fishing.

Can you go fishing for any fish with a carp rod?

no. a carp rod is like a normal fishing rod but weaker.they catch carp fish.