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How do you get a fossil in Pokemon Diamond?

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first you have to go to eterna city. go to the house next to the Pokemon center. the guy will give you an explorer kit. just use it ( key items pocket) and you can go underground. the best place to get a fossil is to use the kit under oreburgh city. If you find a fossil, go up to oreburgh city and go to the museum. this guy will give you a Pokemon at level 20.

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What is in the shield fossil in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Its a sheildon fossil

What are the extinct Pokemon names in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

diamond- skull fossil- cranidos-rampardos pearl-armor fossil- sheldon-bastiodon

In Pokemon Diamond where do you get the fossil Pokemon?

You go underground and you can have chance to find the skull fossil and that will be craniados and the shield fossil (or something) for sheildon. But you can only get sheildon on pearl and craniados on diamond. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ On Pokemon Platinum you can get both.

How do you get helix fossil in Pokemon diamond?

Who cares about pokemon get a LIFE

How do you get regice fossil in Pokemon diamond?

look for a difrent pokemon

Were do you get a shiledon on Pokemon diamond?

From the fossil that you choose.

What are the fossil Pokemon in diamond?

fossil Pokemon are:Aerodactyl,cranidos,kabuto,anorith,lilleep forget my spelling

What fossil Pokemon are there in diamond?

Every fossil, except the fossil for shieldon, which you get in pearl sinnoh underground.

Can you find fossiles on Pokemon diamond if so what are they?

Yes the fossil is the skull fossil.

Where to get Crandos in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade with diamond, Pokemon diamond only can get it from a iron ball like fossil

What do you do when you have skull fossil Pokemon diamond?

? i for got i am sorry :(

Is there a fossil muesum in hearthome city in Pokemon diamond?

NO there is no fossil museum in hearthome city

What Pokemon are the fossils in Pokemon Pearl and diamond?

At the beginning of the game before getting the national pokedex you can get: Skull Fossil - Cranidos *Exclusive to Pokemon diamond Armor Fossil - Sheildon *Exclusive to Pokemon pearl After receiving the national dex you can also find: Helix Fossil - Omanyte Dome Fossil - Kabuto Old Amber - Aerodactyl Claw Fossil - Anorith Root Fossil - Lileep

Where is chranidous on Pokemon pearl?

you have to transfer him in from diamond, he comes from a fossil

On Pokemon diamond where is a fossil?

go under ground to find them

What types of fossel are in Pokemon Pearl?

There is armour fossil in Pokemon pearl, it is a fossil that has a shieldon in it, or you could trade with someone from diamond for a cranidos.

What are all the fossils in Pokemon Diamond?

The Fossils in Pokémon Diamond are the Helix Fossil which is the Omanyte Fossil, the Dome Fossil which is the Kabuto Fossil, the Old Amber which is the Aerodactyl Fossil, the Root Fossil which is the Lileep Fossil, the Claw Fossil which is the Anorith Fossil, the Skull Fossil which is the Cranidos Fossil and the Armor Fossil which is the Shieldon Fossil.

How many fossils are on Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon diamond you can get a skull fossil, which will form into Cranidos. After you get a national dex, you can get fossils from other regions.

Where is the root fossil Pokemon Diamond?

They can be found in the Sinnoh Underground. Root Fossils are more common in Pearl, and Claw Fossil are more common in Diamond.

How do you evolev fosels on Pokemon diamond?

I forgot what town it's in but you go to a fossil musem and the guy there turns your fossil into a Pokemon for you after you go out of the musem

Where do you find the fossil for kabutos in Pokemon diamond?

You can find Kabuto's fossil on the underground after obtaining the National Dex.

How do you catch deoxes without cheats in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

in a fossil

How do you get cranidos or rampardos in Pokemon diamond version?

use a fossil to get it in orburg

How do you get a cranidos in Pokemon pearl?

Trade a Skull fossil across from Pokemon Diamond. Them take it to the museum.

What does one do If they find a fossil?

In Pokemon Diamond you take your fossil to Orenburg city. Go to the building above the Pokemon Center. Inside there is a man behind a desk. talk to him and he will take your fossil. walk out then back in. your fossil will have turned into a Pokemon. All Pokemon will be at level 20.