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What are some animal jam founders hat code?

there is a code for a founder hat the code is founder10178 :)

How do you gets a fruit bowl on animal jam?

You trade! Or buy them if them come back. My user is Hayes848 and if you have an unwanted top hat or founders' hat I will be willing to trade for them!

What is worth a rare viking hat in animal jam?

a viking is worth a headdress a rare spike a rare claw a founders hat and orange beard lol

What is a headdress worth on animal jam?

The headdress is usally worth maybe a beard or a party hat (red) and or a founders. This is what i think it is worth

Where can you get feather hat in animal jam?

No, you can get them from adventers!

How do you get the eyeball hat on animal jam?

its a rare

How can i get free santa hat on animal jam?

you trade it

How do you get hat with curly wig on animal jam?


What is worth a top hat on animal jam?


What is the cheat for animal jam fox hat?

from the store

How do you get a fox hat in animal jam?

rare item monday.

How rare is a rare phantom hat on animal jam?


Is there a founder hat code for animal jam in 2013?

sadly no

What is animal jam party hat worth?

4000 gems

Is there a code to get a fox hat on animal jam?

No, they can only be traded now.

How do you get a fox hat on Animal Jam?

You cant they are only (barely)on trade

What is the rarest fox hat on animal jam?

there is really no rarest color.

What is party hat worth on animal jam?


Where do you get a panda hat on animal jam?

First you go to appondale in animal jam then go to the museum in appondale click on the shop and there you can buy it. You have to be member though

What code on Animal Jam gets you a police hat?

None. Sorry! by wolfos

Is there a code to get a freedom hat on Animal Jam?

no but you can poo on your face lolz >:O

How do you get rare fox hat on animal jam?

A long time ago, or trading!

What is the rarest color fox hat on animal jam?

Purple and dark blue.

How can you get the fox hat on animal jam?

You may trade another rare item for a fox hat. They are not in stores currently anymore.

Where to get founders hats on animal jam?

They are very rare, you would have to trade to get one or find one at Sky High.