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How do you get a free dog on stardoll?

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You cannot get a free dog !

But you can buy a dog at different fashion stores

They are all different prices and cost quite a lot of stardollars

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you cannot get free hairstyles on stardoll.

There is no way of getting a free Superstar membership on Stardoll.

You can get free gifts by joining clubs that are not made by people in stardoll.

There are lots of blogs and club on stardoll that give you free stuff ! Ask your friend that are on stardoll if they know any !

you can get free stardoll clothes when there are special offers in the starplaza, and if you watch certain videos in the stardoll cinema or are from a certain country.

There is no way to become Stardoll Royalty for free. It is 75$ There are a few cheats in getting it for free though.

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You can join some clubs that give you some free stuff, Go to stardoll underneath it has all the free items you can get on stardoll, hope this helped ♥

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There is no such thing the limit of starcoins in stardoll currency is only 1,00 starcoin and only stardoll can give them to you. Dont try cheats they dont work they only work if stardoll gives them.

You have to be a superstar in order to have that!

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There are many ways to get free items on stardoll. But if you want free items from different countries you need to use proxies or manual proxies.

You can be a member of stardoll for free but you have to pay if you want to be a superstar.

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You cant get a code on the Internet for free but if you would like to be a superstar you have to buy one . Add me on stardoll Miss.cherrydrop

You go to diffrent sites to get cheats perhaps you may try Underneath Stardoll. That is where I get my free stuff ! Good Luck

No, Stardoll is free to all users. But if you want to be a Superstar you will need to pay for that.

Well you have to join the Hannah Montana club on stardoll.

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Yes!! Stardoll does give out dresses for non superstars but only in special occasions. You can join some stardoll free stuff clubs so that they can give u free dress updates.

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