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you cant get a free furry friend you have to go to the real life buildabearville store. and what do you mean in a day???? well bye

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2008-10-31 10:43:48
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Q: How do you get a free furryfrend in Build-a-Bearville in a day?
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How do you be a free member on build a bear-ville?

Sorry there is no buildabearville codes like that, Sorry. I tried it. Add me, I'm AllisonRocknRoll1 on buildabearville!

Where are the hearts on buildabearville?

BuildAbearVille is a babv

Free Build-a-Bearville account?

you can go to buildabearville then you can make an account. it is really easy

I need some new Buildabearville store credits. Does anyone have some?

no but soon we will get free credits

What are some activation codes to adopt a bear on Buildabearville or to get free stuff?

All the codes have been expired.

Why is buildabearville underconstrusun?

They are only in constuction on buildabearville to upgrade it , or make it better.

How do you get free clothes on babv?

You can't really get free clothes on buildabearville unless you get a new account and trade it then your get 1000 bear bills i hope that helped....

On buildabearville how do you get a wheelchair?

im really sorry but you cannot get wheelchairs on Buildabearville :D

How do you quit babv?

How do you quit buildabearville You can't quit buildabearville. Though you can give your buildabearville account to your friends or something or you can never go on it again and remove all your friends on buildabearville (This answer may be wrong in a couple of years).

What are buildabear cheats?

Buildabear cheats are cheats you can use on buildabearville to get free stuff like furniture or food or clothes.

Is there a podcast for Buildabearville?

no... i don't think so. if you want lots of fun go on buildabearville

How do you get free stuff on build a bear ville?

by going on buildabearville cheats and they give you cheat or webcodes to type in at build abearville

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