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Sorry, but I am afraid you can only get a furry friend on buildabearville if you get a bear at your local Build A Bear Workshop store. However, you can still play without one, although you cannot get a house or visit any houses. Hope this helps.So Sorry .=A=

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2009-06-20 13:06:45
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Q: How do you get a furry friend on Build-a-Bearville if you dont have a bear?
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How do you add a furry friend on build a bear ville?

well i really dont no but yah ill find out and tel u guys

Does any one have a key code for build a bear ville?

Yeah..... i'd give it to you but then the build a bear company will go out of buisness if you dont buy a bear for a code or just a furry friend.

How do you get your id and key code on build a bear bearville?

You first have to buy a bear or make a bear in the build a bear workshop near where you live. and on the tag it will say Bear ID and the Key Code. Go to the Town square and click on the arrow in the corner. You will appear at a bear shop. Click on the bear behind the counter. There are two choices to pick. 'I have a birth certificate that has an animal ID and key code for my furry friend' Or 'I dont have a furry friend.'

Clothes for mini bears at build a bear workshop?

I dont know i was going to try my mini furry freind in build a bear smallfry clothes. If you want to, try it!

Do baby beavers have furry tails?

no baby beavers dont have furry tails.

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How do you beat mission 6 in spider riders?

this IS NOT ABOUT BUILDABEARVILLE so dont ask me dude

Does Build-a-Bearville change?

i dont really no if anyone is out there please tell me if buildabearville changes and dont reply back idk

Welcome pass for buildabearville?

if i new how i would tell you but i dont sorry i wont one to

Build a bear ville? is a fun virtual website for kids of all ages! If you visit the Build-A-Bear Workshop you get a birth sertificate fr you bar and you can register them online to have your furry friend with you all the way! If you get a reciept you can type the reciept code in to get bear credits. You can also enter any other codes that you may find along the way! Your furry friend will stay in your backpack and you can change your look/appearance. You can also pay for a membership called being a V.I.B (Very important BEAR!). just to let you know---- i made my bear ville account 4 years ago, i still go on it. it gives you quests you have a choice in doing and you can design your own cub condo (house) with furnature you can buy from stores, get from a trade with another player or get for free in special codes! definately worth signing up - even if you dont have a bear.

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How do you get to mama bear mamsion in Build-a-Bearville?

the question should be does it exist(no it doesn't exist)(i think you mean maxine clarks mansion)you said: How do you get to mama bear mamsion in buildabearville? its real but i dont know where it is.... i know its real though because when i was playing hide and seek it said someone was there.... i will change the answer if i work out where it is :)

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