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Hi, I am madly in love with my ex, i went out with her for 2 years, we were engaged, the lot. I screwed up big time, i kept having these thoughts about her best friend, i think it happened because i knew if i thought it, she would be upset. Not that i wanted to upset her, but i really did not want these thoughts in my head. One day after a big argument, she told me she would hate me forever if i thought of her friend whilst we were making love. I was so dam worried, that I did it, unintentionally of course. and i had to tell her, before that i cut my arm, just to try and compensate for what i had just done to her. she found out. she was furious. She ended it between us. I left the country for a month, to try and clear my head, and try and stop thinking these stupid thoughts. I talked to her nearly every day, and all seemed great, until she told me she didnt love me anymore. I need some help, i am so madly in love with this girl, don't tell me "theres plently more fish in the sea" i know that, but i don't want anyone else, id do anything to get her back, but she just doesnt seem interested. i sent her an email telling her i still love her deeply.. and she hasn't talked to me since.. i took a razorblade to my leg, cut it 9 times to try and get rid of the pain. I think im cracking up. Has anyone been in this kind of situation before? Please tell me what to do...

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AnswerI don't know if this can help but here is what I think:I am sure she loves you A LOT even though she acts as though she doesn't (she did hope to marry you some day)..Love is not something that disappears when it wants to..It's one those things that happen and stay with you forever..Now FIRST and FOREMOST, you have to stop causing yourself harm..You have to STOP cutting yourself..In order to get her back,you start with you..Get your life on track..Get help from a professional to stop cutting yourself..Maybe this is one of the reasons she doesn't want to take you back..You have to solve your problems, whatever they are...Start a clean fresh new life..Then, only then, you go back and talk to her again. But until then you don't contact her..I know this will be extremely tough but you have got to be patient.Good things come to those who wait..So be patient, straigten your life out, and go back to her..Send her roses everyday but don't let her know it's you who sent them..Show her you are a changed man!!She will take you back. You only have to show her you are worth taking back...Good Luck
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Q: How do you get a girl to love you again?
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