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Just open topics on the present times. That will keep her involve in the conversation because she's aware of the topic.

I used to have this problem before until I found out about this video that instantly solve my problem about opening topics that could make your conversation last long.

This video revealed secrets and great advice on how to talk longer with women.

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What does cut the ice with mean?

"Cut the ice" and, more commonly "Break the ice" mean "to initiate a conversation".

Why is it you always have to initiate the conservation?

If you are the one to always begin a conversation, maybe you are more outgoing and confident than others.

What else could you say to a girl who you would like to have as more than a friend at the end of a phone conversation?

Tell her how much you enjoyed the conversation and tell her you look forward to seeing her...

What signs a girl likes you?

A girl can exhibit many signs when she likes a person. She may initiate more contact, speak to the person more often, and flirt.

How do you get a girl that thinks that you are creepy to like you?

Act normal around her and tell her something nice like " I like your shoes" or something else to get a conversation going. If you talk to her more, then she will feel more comfortable around you. (but don't like get in her face or like be annoying.)

How do you promote conversation on the phone with a girl you like?

I have found a good way is to just play a game of 20 sounds dumb i know, but more often than not, one of those questions will branch off into conversation.

Strike up a conversation?

Just be silly with the guy/girl then it strikes up a conversation. Say silly things and make them laugh then thell wanna talk to you more and more.

How do you let a girl know you like her if your to shy to tell her?

just take a deep breath and start to make a conversation with her, being more and more around her will make you feel more cofident, and then just ask her

Does a boy like a girl still if he smiles at her everyday?

Yes, but it still may not be more than friends. Give him a chance to make conversation and you will soon find out.

Is it weird if a guy doesn't talk and always expects the girl to initiate conversation?

Not particularly "weird", but perhaps a little indication that he might be a little self-conscious. Once he starts to feel comfortable, he'll probably be more able to initiate a conversation. He's probably concerned that he might say something foolish or offensive. Worse yet, he might feel that if he says something first he might be rejected. Nope, its actually kind of normal, they rarely tend to initiate conversation. But there is ways to make him start talking, just ask him about his family, or about his dreams and aspirations, or even sport, once he starts chatting he probably wont stop!! You'll get used to it, and after several years it is kind of a relief when they are not chatting all the time. LOL

I'm from a different country and I want to know how to start a conversation with a girl I like?

You should start out with" hi, how are you?" Show her that you are more interested in her than yourself! Good Luck!

How do you survive a phone conversation with a girl?

While this question is speaking obviously metaphorically, I'll give a more literal response: Be able to intelligently carry on your side of the conversation.

What are ways to start a conversation without asking questions?

What are ways to start and expand the conversation without the use of questions when i ask questions people get annoyed because it sounds more like an interview more than a conversation. What are ways to have a question free conversation.

Is a guy more afraid to talk to the girl they like or is a girl more afraid to talk to the guy they like?

The girl is usually more shy.

What is the difference between assertive and passive people?

The difference between assertive and passive people is that assertive people initiate and an action whereas passive people tend to shy away from initiating an action. For example, an assertive person will be more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger whereas a passive person would wait for the stranger to initiate the conversation. In the latter case, the "stranger" would be the assertive person.

If a boy starts a conversation with you does he like you?

Yes, he likes u as a friend but if he keeps starting a conversation start flirting with him and then he will see you are kinda into him then he will like you more than a friend.

What should I text the girl I like?

Start out with small talk, like "Hi, how are you doing" and just let the conversation lead itself on, then when you get more into it, and you start asking what she likes to do, you can be like, "It's friday night, would you like to go catch a movie?".

How does nick Jonas act around a girl he likes?

he says that he often feels comfortable enough to have a conversation with her. He wants to know more about her. hope that was help :) by the way i like nick too!

What do you do if the girl you like is with another guy?

I'm a girl and the same thing happend to me a month ago the thing to do is move on find somebody that your compatible with and start a conversation starting with a Hi From a guys point of veiw I'll say this. if this is just another girl you like and you don't really like her all that much it's not worth your trouble. but if this girl means more to you than that then nothing should stop you.

How much will the human brain retain from a conversation?

The brain is like a muscle the more you work it the stronger it gets. If someone is involved in a conversation and they are not just listening, they are contributing something to the conversation then 70% of the conversation will be remembered. If a person is just listening to a conversation withou contributing anything to it, they retain about 20% of that conversation.

What does it mean if your the one who is always starting a conversation with a girl you like is she mad at me?

Most girls hold back more then guys do. She could be a little shy or embarrassed, she is probably not mad at you, but you could ask.

I really like this girl at my school I see her in almost every class i have Every now and then Ill say hi to her or have a small conversation with herHow should i make her more than just acquaintinces?

Slowly start talking to her more

Ask her friend or ask her on email but don't tell her who u are and be more nice to her make her notice you trust me I am a girl my self?

well, not to be old school type, but get to know her, talk to her, shouldn't be a problem because you guys are friends. Like, get in a conversation talking just minor stuff and give it some time and get in a conversation that includes friends and school and if she opens up to you more, that's good. Or just one day, start a conversation like "Hey, what's up, yada yada yada," and then just in the middle of the conversation say "What do you think about her er him" and then somewhere in the end of the conversation either you say how you think of her or you ask what she thinks of you.

Ther is a girl that I realy like but she likes someone else she is the type of girl that likes to talk about sex but I dought shes ever done any thing like that how can I get her to like me?

Flirt, Talk, Keep the conversation flowing. Hang with her more often, and when you feeel like the tieme is right tell her you like her more than any other girl you've ever liked. Woorks like a charm.I suck at spelling. I think you tell her '' I love you, and I always will." tell her you like sex too. I am a girl and i know how u feel :what is your name? Is your name Danielle Kim than You can have sex with me

What is the conversation between two or more people called?

a conversation

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