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How do you get a girlfrind?

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July 26, 2009 2:44PM

Well, i don't know how old you are, so here's my answer if you're a teen: First of all, you'll want to be friendly with the girl you want to date. Don't hit on her. Some of us like that, but most of us find it annoying. Instead, compliment on her hair, outfit, or shoes, and be sure not to act too flirty. Act friendly with her, until you have a "sort of friends" relationship. But whatever you do, DONT become best friends, and then ask her out. We don't like it when a friendship turns into love. When You two are closer and regularely talk to each other a lot, you can ask her out. Try to be modest, and again, don't be too flirty. When or if she says yes, you should take her to a movie for the first date; Something casual and not too romantic. That can make both of you nervous. After a few dates, you may be ready for the first kiss. Now, one tip, if you want to keep her as your girlfriend, DONT take advantage of her body. Most girls want respect when it comes to that. Now if you want to move on to, well, you may want to wait. One night could cause you-know-what. My advice for that is to remain a virgin.