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How do you get a handicap parking permit in New York?


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June 03, 2008 10:16PM

New York State issues a permit, which is valid for private and/or off-street parking (in parking lots, for example). The permit is issued in the name of the disabled individual, but can be used by the person driving for the disabled individual IF the named person is in the vehicle at the time.

The form must be brought in person to a DMV office, and there is a section which must be filled out by a physician or the like, to certify to the individual's disability. This CAN be waived by the DMV office if the individual is VISIBLY disabled.

Here is the link:

New York City issues its own permit. The NYC permit is valid for on-street, city parking. The rules are precise, but a person with a NYC disability permit is legally entitled to park at places no other legal vehicle may dare go. An example is a "No Standing except Commercial Vehicles" spot. HOWEVER, the person who parks with their NYC permit, following the laws, is taking a BIG chance that the officer issuing citations that day is fully aware. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that once you have your NYC permit, you display the permit AND a printout of the regulation allowing you to park in that spot with that permit. Don't be surprised if you get tickets anyway, but they ARE instantly dismissible.