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you can't get lotad in ruby so therefore you need to trade with sapphire with a game link cable (i really need one of those)

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Q: How do you get a lotad in Pokemon Ruby?
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Where can you catch a lotad in Pokemon Ruby?

Lotad cannot be caught in Pokemon Ruby and must be traded from Sapphire/emerald. WRONG lotad can be found on route 114 (lvl 15-17)or 102 (lvl 3-4)

Where is the location to find Lotad on Pokemon Ruby?

trade it with sapphire.. there's no way you can catch it in ruby

Where can you find a water Pokemon in the grass in ruby version?

Lotad is on route 102

How do you get all the Pokemon Ruby?

you can't unless you use a cheat because you can't get the lotad

Where can you find lotad in Pokemon ruby?

You can't the only way to get Lotad is by trading with Pokemon sapphire how come everyone says this??u can find in the route with sevipher or zangoose and swalbu

Where do you find a lotad on Pokemon ruby?

you cant catch lotads in ruby... you can catch them in sapphire though WRONG they can be found on route 114

What type of Pokemon is Lotad?

Lotad is a Water and Grass type pokemon.

Where do you catch seedot in saphire?

I am sorry but it is imposible to catch a seedot in Pokemon sapphire! You can only catch a seedot in Pokemon ruby and lotad in Pokemon sapphire I recommend trade one from Pokemon ruby from a friend or if you have one!

Is the Pokemon lotad a fake?

The Pokemon Lotad, is a real Pokemon, that was introduced during the Hoenn Region, in the games Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, although it was an exclusive Pokemon only in Pokemon Sapphire, but was also made available in Pokemon Emerald. Lotad is a water and grass type Pokemon, also known as the Water Weed Pokemon, and evolves into Lombre, it's second evolutionary form, at level 14. Lombre then evolves into Lotad's final form, Ludicolo, when exposed to a Water Stone.

On ruby you can catch the main Pokemon from sapphire how?

not 100% sure on what you mean but if you mean how to get for example Lotad in Pokemon Ruby which has Seedot. Lets say you want a Lotad. Go to the Oldale Town and go to the small Grass area next to the water just west of the city. If you wanna catch a Lotad, you gotta be very patient. As Sapphire Pokemon are catchable in Ruby but they are more rare so it might take a while. Hope i answered your question the way you wanted it. Cya and Good Luck.

How do you get lotad?

you cant in ruby but in sapphire and emerald rote 102

Who are water type Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

Wailmer Wailord Mudkip Marshtomp Swampert Lotad and it's evolved forms Magikarp and it's evolved form Tentacool Tentacruel

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