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How do you get a metal coat in ruby?


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A Metal Coat can be found in New Mauville. The Metal Coat is on the right of the machine.

you can't get it but if you trade an onix with a metal coat hold to ruby you have a steelix

give a scither a metal coat and trade it over

You can't. You have to trade it from a FireRed/LeafGreen game. To get it on FireRed/LeafGreen you have to evolve Onix with a Metal Coat.

You get a metal coat on Iron Island.

A metal coat makes an Onix evolve into a Steelix.

No, of course not. You have to trade it with a metal coat on

The Metal Coat can be found on Iron Island.

the Pokemon that evolve with metal coat are steelix and scisor

You attach the metal coat ho him/her and trade with a friend

you catch a steelex and he may be holding a metal coat

You dont, you make the pokemon hold it

you have to trade a metal coat from fire red or leaf green P.s. also every magnimite has a 4% chance it is holding a metal coat

metal coat can evolve scyther into a scissor and an onix into a steelix. but you have to trade them while they are holding the steel coat

you trade onyx while it is holding the metal coat and it evolves into steelix.

Go to the Memorial site for tectonix with a lemonade. Leave the lemonade and the item will appear. This memorial site is located on Island five.

You find a metal coat near the memorable pillar on five island.

if you cach an onix there is a posibility that it could be holding a metal coat

Scyther and Onix evolve when the are holding the metal coat when trading.

Give it a metal coat and trade it. The metal coat can be found on on five island

When held by a Pokémon, the Metal Coat boots the power of Steel-type moves.

A Metal Coat is given out by Byron after obtaining the National Pokédex.

I have that game and I got my metal coat from a fighting Pokemon holding one

A ruby is stained by a compound.

I dont think you will need metal coat in pokemon gold. You can get it in SS aqua.

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