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How do you get a nine-year-old to stop being afraid of things?


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It's not uncommon for a 9 year or even up to 12 to be afraid of things. I do suggest you sit down with your child and ask him/her what they are afraid of. It could be anything from bullying at school, to gangs of kids threatening him/her, or, if things aren't going well with you and your husband, or you are divorced they could feel insecure. It's unfair for parents to think their children shouldn't be afraid of a few things. Some kids are out-going, popular, and nothing much bothers them, while other kids are shy, crave peace and quiet, good students, etc. I often refer to these kids as "gentle souls." Each individual is different, and I believe people (including kids) should be left to their own personalities. If you can't find out from your child what is wrong, then please see a child psychologist to see if she/he can figure it out. These days, bullying is always at the top of the list. It also wouldn't hurt to have your doctor give your child a good check-up (hearing and sight) as often kids don't do well in school and sometimes it's as simple as the child has some hearing loss (in many cases this can be corrected), or they may need glasses. When I was a child I absolutely hated school. I had a wonderful Grade 1 teacher and in Grade 2 and 3 the teacher from hell (she should have been a high school teacher and had no patience with the little ones) and I would get up in the morning and literally vomit. Of course as a young child I didn't really think too much of it. Finally, my mom investigated and found out about this teacher and my mom was like a wounded grizzly and I was put into a difference class, excelled in my grades and stopped vomiting. Good luck Marcy


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