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you go to the real estate board (in the local yellow pages), make a complaint, and also make a complaint with the real estate company the agent works for. then you contact a real estate lawyer and get his opinion.

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Q: How do you get a real estate commission returned to you if your realtor did not do their job?
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What are some examples of commission jobs?

A realtor is a commission job, for buying or selling real estate.

What is a principal real estate agent?

A person with a state/provincial license to represent a buyer or a seller in a real estate transaction in exchange for commission. Most agents work for a real estate broker or realtor.

What do you call a person who practice real estate?

A realtor or estate agent buys and sells real estate on behalf of the principle, for a commission. They can also act as a managing company on behalf of the landlord.

What do I need to obtain a Realtor license?

You need to take an accredited real estate course in order to get a Realtor license. You can contact your local Real Estate Commission to obtain a list of real estate schools in your area. You can also go online and find real estate schools. However, make sure the school you choose is accredited.

What is the realtor's commission rate in Minnesota?

There is no standard realtor commission rate. These are negotiable--always. The Department of Justice has nailed the real estate profession on anti-trust violations for trying to maintain a standard rate.

What is the name of a personthat sells house?

real estate agentrealtorreal estate agentrealtorreal estate agentrealtorreal estate agentrealtor

How do you find the commission rate?

How you find the commission rate varies depending on the job. Some jobs pay a commission of 10% of total sales while some have commission that is on a sliding scale. In real estate, the realtor makes a commission from each sale. You can ask what the rate is prior to hiring the real estate agent.

I let a real estate contract expire. I did not sign and did not agree as contents differed from information discussed over the phone. Can I be liable for damages and sued as Realtor is advising?

No. It sounds like your realtor is a weasel. I'd report him/her to your state real estate commission.

Is a real estate license required in order to market real estate investing?

A real estate license is required to be a real estate agent: someone who connects real estate sellers to real estate buyers. To invest in real estate or to teach others to invest in real estate requires no licensing. However, it depends if it a a legal requirement in your country. Several countries require a realtor broker to have an active license to be able to perform real estate marketing. While some just provide or require certificates to realtor agents. You can always check your real estate commission department to know what are the prerequisite in getting a realtor license.

What are salaries in the real estate industry?

As an ex-real estate agent, I can say that revenue in the industry varies with situations and positions held. A licensed realtor is usually paid a commission which also can vary. Talking to a realtor about his commission is not a secret when signing a listing or a agreement of sale. In fact he has to disclose what the commission percentages will be. Your challenge is accept his commission as a valid and justified expense relative to the effort he puts into selling your property or getting you the property you are looking for.

What is the average real estate commission percentage in Tennessee?

What's the average real estate commission

What are real estate agents paid?

They are paid an agreed upon commission as per the listing contract between the agent and the seller. Buyers and seller are often charged administrative or processing fees to be paid to the brokerage office of their realtor. Real Estate agents are paid a percentage of the commission they collect based on whatever contract they have with the real estate brokerage that employs them.

What is a real estate person called?


What is the current Colorado real estate commission?

The current Colorado real estate commission manages the exams for real estate brokers and salespersons before giving them a real estate license. The commission also keeps brokers informed of changes in real estate laws, forms and regulations.

Can a real estate broker waive his commission to another person?

A real estate broker can waive a commission at will.

What is the name of a realtor who sells Sacramento real estate?

Sacramento Real Estate is composed of over 2000 realtor agents. To answer your question, Alan Wagner is one of the top few certified realtor agents in the area.

Difference between a Realtor and a Realtor Associate?

Real Estate Agents are people who just have a real estate licence but Realtors are Real Estate agents or Brokers who not only have Real Estate license but are also members of the Board of Realtors which abide by a stricter set of guidelines, rules and ethics.

Where can one get real estate views?

One can get real estate views from the following websites: "Real Estate View", "The Star", "Real Estate One", "Homes and Land", "Real Estate Book", "Realtor" to name a few.

What is a realtor?

A realtor is a broker or sales person in the real estate business and is a memberof the National Association of Real Estate Boards, or one of its constituent boards. Realtors are bound by a code of ethics.

What does RVM means in real estate?

Realtor Valuation Model

Where can one obtain information regarding available real estate in Ithaca?

There are many realtor and real estate websites that offer real estate information for cities nation wide. Local Ithica realtor offices should also provide printouts of available properties.

Where can one find real estate listings for Atlanta luxury homes?

There are a number of websites that have real estate listings for Atlanta luxury homes. One can them on sites such as 'Realtor', 'Zillow', 'Realtor' and 'The Haverty Group'.

What kind of license does a real estate agent need?

Realtor agent shall need a legally acquired license, given to them by their state department of real estate which will certify them as real, legally acknowledge as a realtor agent of a company of the regulator.

How can one secure a listing for Amelia Island real estate?

You can secure a listing for Amelia island real estate online at websites such as Zillow, Realtor, and Amelia Island Club. You can also contact your local Realtor and ask for help in securing real estate in Amelia island.

What is the difference between a realtor and a real estate agent?

Realtor and Real Estate Agent are two terms that are used to describe the same thing; a licensed professional that assists in the purchase or sale of real estate. A real estate agent is a person who has a state isssued license to sell real estate whereas a Realtor is a licensed agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors and is a member of the local Realtor board. So, in effect all Realtors and agents but not all agents are realtors. Not being a Realtor as an agent can be restrictive as that agent would ususally not be able to have access to the MLS, show her listings on the MLS and would not be able to join most of the real estate offices as an agent. The fees for beng a Realtor vary around the counry but are usally around $1000 to $1500 per year for membership.