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First thing to remove are the brake lines, I used a nail to plug them so all of the brake fluid doesn't drain out. The brake lines should be going into the backside of the drum. If you don't have a line wrench just use an open end to unthread them. Next disconnect the emergency brake cables. They will be going into the brake drum, to get them free remove the brake drum and you should see where the cables entered from the back. Undo them and move them out of the way. The next piece to be removed is the drive shaft. I would unbolt it from the rear u-joint and then pull it out and set it aside. Then either use a socket with a breaker bar and WD-40(or similar) or an oxy acetylene torch to remove the u bolts. The axle shouldn't have anything else attached to it and will be free from the truck.

I think he meant, one (or two) axles. Take off the middle thing housing the gears on the rear-end. (mine was 10 bolts) (there is gear oil. probably limited slip around 80 weight?---so have a drain pan underneath). (don't forget to have the gasket for this part you just removed, and also maybe the seals for the axles or the new axle if that is what you need). turn the insides with a wheel or the driveline. look for the /glide floss mini metal pack diameter/ umm...maybe a tad smaller than a quarter-a tad bigger than a nickel diameter peg end, you will see. Look for the end with the small set-screw bolt. (5/32s socket). use a 6 sided socket, you do not want to strip this part where it is, you'll be up a creek. Take out that peg thing. turn the insides till you see the section where you can see these C-clips. Get it so you can get them out. gravity or gently helping will do it. the existing grease and stuff will keep them in place, mostly. pull the axles from the sides in- and/or -out to see the sides of the clips. (might be on the side where you see the rectangular metal block-- on either side of this part). once the C-clip is out, the axle will slide out easy-peasy. reverse to get back together. I suggest not removing anything other than the set-screw, the peg thing, and the C-clips from inside that middle section. I think that is it.

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Q: How do you get a rear axle out of a 1995 Chevrolet Cheyenne 4 wd 1500 pick up truck?
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