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How do you get a sudowoodo?

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Well in heart gold and soul silver, you have to use your spray bottle/water thing watever it's called, and you have to sprinkle it on the odd tree on route 36.
There's only one, and it is standing north of Goldenrod City, you have to catch or beat it to advance further in the game.

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Who do you breed sudowoodo with in HeartGold?

You can breed sudowoodo with another sudowoodo or a ditto. To get another sudowoodo, you will need to trade for one. You can also breed a ditto with a sudowoodo to get another sudowoodo. Make sure you ask the daycare to see if your ditto gets along with the sudowoodo.

Does a sudowoodo evolve on emerald?

No,Sudowoodo does not evolve on emerald but Bonsly evolves into Sudowoodo.

What level does sudowoodo evolve at?

Sudowoodo does not evolve.

Why is Sudowoodo called Sudowoodo?

From Sudowoodo is a portmanteau of pseudo-, prefix meaning false, and wood.

What can you breed a sudowoodo with?

If you get a boy sudowoodo you can breed him with ditto!

How do you soak sudowoodo in?

you get the wailmer pail and water the sudowoodo.

What will you get if you breed a Ditto and sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?


Can you catch a sudowoodo in FireRed?

You can only catch sudowoodo in emerald.

What type of Pokemon is Sudowoodo?

Sudowoodo is a Rock type pokemon.

How do you get sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?

Sudowoodo can be found after you defeat the elite four. Sudowoodo is located at south-eastern area of the Battle Frontier.

When does sudowoodo evolve?

sudowoodo can't evolve cuz it has nothing to evolve into

Where do you battle sudowoodo in Pokemon platinum?

you can battle/catch sudowoodo on Rt. 221

What does sudowoodo evolve into in HeartGold?

Sudowoodo does not evolve in Heart Gold. It evolves from Bonsly.

How do you catch sudowoodo in Pokemon pearl?

You can find Sudowoodo on Routes 214 and 221.

Can you catch sudowoodo in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No you will need Emerald or Pokemon Colosseum to trade you a Sudowoodo.

Does sudowoodo evolve in soul silver?

no, sudowoodo dose not evolve at all but is the evolved form of bonsly

How do you catch sudowoodo in Pokemon Silver?

if you know the sudowoodo blocking the way u have to battle it and catch it

How does sudowoodu evolve?

Sudowoodo doesn't evolve. Bonsly evolves into Sudowoodo once it learns Mimic.

What is the national pokedex number for Sudowoodo?

Sudowoodo is #185 in the national pokedex, and it is a Rock type Pokemon.

Is sudowoodo better than geodude?

Yes. Sudowoodo can learn rockslide where as geodude can't. Well, maybe.

What type is sudowoodo?


Can you get Sudowoodo on Pokemon Diamond?


Where to find a Sudowoodo in Pokemon?

matters which game, but sudowoodo in the 2nd gen games is blocking the way to ekruitick city.

What would you get if sudowoodo and candlemon had a kid?

well it matters who is the female if sudowoodo is female, then your gonna have a thing that is like a sudowoodo until you evolve it if the candlemon is female, then your gonna have a thing that is like a candlemon Hope it helped

Do you need sudowoodo for rock smash in soul silver?

Sudowoodo is not the only Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash. There are many Pokemon that can learn it. Most fighting type Pokemon can learn the TM. So no, you do not need Sudowoodo.