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It is impossible to design a bikini in Animal Crossing because the game only enables you to design dress-like clothing. Never ones with more than one piece (that is, a bikini)

You can try to make it look like a bikini by making the design show skin with your bikini design, otherewise it is impossible.

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Wet suits a new feature, exclusive to Tortimer's Island only on New Leaf. There are varying styles, more if you're a Club Tortimer member. There's no way of knowing when wet suits will be on-sale though so you'll have to check back daily until you see one. They all cost 40 Medals.

Torimer's Island is unlocked after upgrading from a tent to a house; after you've met this condition, Isabelle will allow Tortimer to introduce himself. When this happens, go to your town's dock and speak to him. He will tell you that, starting the next morning, you can start visiting the island. Note: it costs 1,000 Bells per round trip, but there's good money to be made on the island as a result of the constant summer effect.

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When Tortimer, the former mayor, greets you upon first playing, he invites you to the tropical island the next day. Arriving there after the boat ride, you acquire a swimsuit.

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Q: How do you get a swimsuit animal crossing?
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