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I assume you mean a temporary permit to drive a vehicle on the roads. You will need to go to the local Department of Motor Vehicles and ask that question. The law is different from one state to the next.

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Q: How do you get a temporary tag?
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How many temporary tags can you have for a car in Ohio?

You can only get one temporary tag for you car in Ohio. The temporary tag expires in 30 days.

What does a thirty day tag or temporary tag mean?

A temporary tag or thirty day tag is the tag that is given to you by the title office or car dealer until you can get your permanent tags. You need to affix this to your car so you don't get pulled over.

What is the time limit to leave a temporary tag on a car?

You should get a new tag within a few weeks. You can keep a temporary tag on up to a month, in some states two, in order to register for your new permanent tag.

For how long are temporary tags valid?

You have 30 days to use the temporary tag but after that you should get a permanent tag. You should transfer it within the 30 days, so you can make time to get the permanent tag.

What do you have to provide to get a temporary tag in Missouri?

easiest way to get temp tag to test drive vehivle from owner

Can you get a temporary licence plate from new york to transport a car purchased in new jersey home?

It's not a Temporary Tag you want. What you need is an In-Transit tag. You can use this to go from NY to Jersey.

Can the police tow your vehicle for expired tags if you have temporary registration and it isn't in the window?

Yes, if the temporary tag is not displayed as it should be. Your fault.

How long do you have to put plates on a vehicle?

in the state of Washington you have 45 days from when the temporary tag is issued

What is a tag property in visual basic?

The tag property is like comments: it's ignored. You can use it to store temporary information, or stuff to remember about that specific control.

Can you display your tag in the rear window?

Supreme Court ruling it is not illegal to display a temp tag in the rear window! As long as it is displayed and valid! Permanent Tags are illegal to place in the rear window! If the tag is temporary then it can go in the back window

How long do you have to buy a car tag in Oklahoma?

A person has 30 days to purchase a new car tag in the state of Oklahoma. Most car dealers will give a person a 30 day temporary tag to use until the new ones are purchased.

If you buy an old car in Rhode Island how do I register in Texas?

Go to DPS (in Texas), and get a temporary tag and an out of state form.

How many times can a car dealership issue a customer a temporary tag?

Twice, for thirty (30) consecutive days each.

Is your User ID your account name?

No, your ID when you contribute anonymously (without an account) on WikiAnswers is not your account name. It is just a temporary identification tag that allows others to see contributions made by unregistered users. When you sign up, you can choose your account name, and the ID is just a temporary identification tag to see the contributions of anonymous contributors.

How do you get a temporary tag if you bought a car on eBay out of state?

I recently purchased a car on eBay. The car was located in NJ, and I needed it in OH. I picked up the car in NJ on a trailer (no tag required for the car). The first thing I needed to do was to get an Ohio title. Once I received the Ohio title I was able to get a temporary tag in Ohio so that I could drive the car to the emission testing center. The temporary tag was good for 30 days. Alternatively, if you buy the car from a dealer or lease agent in another state, they can issue you a temporary tag from that state which will also be good in your state for the specified time period. Which road you need to take will depend on whether they can give you a title when you pick up the car, or whether they need to mail it to you later. By bringing the car home on a trailer I had both options available since it wasn't being driven on the road.

What happens if you change the date on the temporary tag when you buy a car to avoid paying for a license plate?

If you are caught driving that vehicle you will be arrested.

Will the undertaker come back at edge and vickie wedding?

He will come back and be his temporary tag team partner then he'l turn him (Edge)

How do you get temporary plates for a car that you bought from a private owner?

Go to the DMV show title and u can get a 45 day tag for $5

How can the buyer get an tempory tag when you buy from an privite ower?

You do not need a temporary tag if the vehicle is already licensed and current. Otherwise you need to license and pay for a new years tabs. If you are going a long ways or are buying out of state you will need to get a temporary permit from the state you are in which you would display in the rear window. Depending on what state you are in it is usually the D.O.T. Hope this helps.

How many times can you get a temporary tag?

Usually only once - when you first purchase the car and are wainting for the Sec of State to issue your permanent plates.

Where do I get a temporary tag for my car?

You must go to your states motor vehicle office to receive temporary tags to transport a vehicle. You should take any documentation you have with you and proof of identification and you will need insurance. They can last anywhere from 10 to 30 days.

When you buy a used car from an individual how do you get a temporary tag?

Go the the motor vehicle department. They sell temp tags from 10 to 60 days. I could be wrong about the amount of days, but that is where you'll get the temp tags. (Different user): I believe that if you purchase a car from an individual/private seller, temporary tags will not be required. You'll likely go to the department of motor vehicles, file paperwork, pay fee's (title, tax, tags) (110-160), and receive a "hard" license plate of common issuance. If you special order a license tag, request a special emblem/specialized group tag, or live in a town where a "FULL SERVICE DMV" is not available, then the probable cause of a temporary tag may play into effect.

What permit is needed to drive a non registered vehicle for a short period of time?

According to the best research available, it's a simple temporary driving tag.

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