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Why did you buy it without a title. Good luck

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Q: How do you get a title for a vehicle that was bought from a person without a title?
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How can you ell if you bought a vehicle with a salvage title?

It will say "Salvage" vehicle on the bottom right corner of the title. No vehicle can be sold without indicating if its a salvage, rebulit or a regular title.

How do you register a car bought from an auction and have no title?

want to buy a vehicle without a title but with a bill of sale

Can you tag a vehicle without a title?

I recently bought a vehicle about 6 months ago and the dealership didn't have the title! So I'm just wondering if I could register and tag it without a title!

How do you go about getting a title for a vehicle that was bought from a salvage yard that was going out of business if the salvage yard didn't have the title to the vehicle you bought?

Go to the state Motor Vehicle office, where you would normally register a vehicle. There may be extra steps to take to get title for a salvaged vehicle. Don't buy cars without getting a title. EVER. If the car was stolen you may have to return it.

If you bought a salvaged vehicle how do you get the title?

You can file for a lost title

How do I get my exs name off title without his signature?

If a person's name is on a vehicle title, he or she is the owner. There is no legal way to have the name removed without the person volunteering to remove it.

You bought a used car but you have a joint vehicle title in mine and my friend name can i get that person off that vehicle title title?

Names on title appear as either (and) (or) if the title is and then both signatures are required. if it is or then only one signature is required to modify ownership of title.

Can you get a title loan without vehicle inspection?

Can u get a title loan without a vehicle inspection

How can you tell if you bought a vehicle with a salvage title?

The title carries an "R" designation

If two people are on a vehicle title can either party trade or sale the vehilce without the others consent?

i don't believe so if one person could sign the title without the other person than that person would not be protected in their ownership of the vehicle Not in the state of Montana.

How do you obtain title with no vin?

Every vehicle has a VIN attached somewhere to it ... the engine block, in the top of the dashboard, in a door pillar. If the VIN has been removed from a vehicle, chances are that is stolen property and should be avoided like the plague. If you are trying to obtain the title without the vehicle and don't have the VIN this just doesn't make sense. What is meant here is that if a person bought a vehicle and wants to get a new title issued, then they most likely have the vehicle and can obtain it easily.

Can you return a car for a refund if the dealership where you bought the car has not supplied you with a title.?

You cannot return the vehicle for a refund. Unless you signed the title when you bought the vehicle, you really can't be sure the dealership had the title. The title may have to come directly from the state issuing the title. If you bought the vehicle used, there may have been a payoff on it and the title will have to come from the lender of the previous owner. If you bought it new, they would have to send the MSO to get the license plates and it will come from the state agency of motor vehicles. The dealership does not supply the title of a vehicle. If not purchased from a private party or in some cases, paid for in full, the buyer must take all the information, bill of sale, and so forth to the DMV, register the vehicle, pay sales tax and licensing fees, and a title will be mailed to the buyer with the lender shown as lien holder or a clear title, meaning the vehicle is solely owned by the person(s) whose names are shown on the title itself.

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