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click upload video on your bebo profile, and at the bottom of the new page there should be a link saying 'enter a URL from YouTube' click that and ener the URL / link to the youtube vid you wanted :) hope i helped btws add me

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How do i put a video from youtube to my bebo page?

Click on the video then click share via bebo.

How do you put songs on Bebo?

put a music video into your video box... i use URL's from youtube

How do you get videos on Bebo?

on your bebo page were it says VIDEOS you push upload video then a page will come up then you push ENTER YOUTUBE URL you go on youtue and you find the video you want and then on the right side underneth the description of the video there will be a youtube video.... you lest click on it and cops then you go bact to bebo nd paste the URL the nit should upload the video

On bebo when i upload a video from YouTube it tells me that the video is unavailable i keep trying to put another on and it keeps telling me its unavailable can i fix this?

If it was a unacceptable video you will never get it on. However, contact bebo support and they will deal with your problem.

How do you convert windows movie files to upload on bebo?

Upload it to youtube first, then put the youtube video on your profile or download a video converter program google ---> wmv - mp4 converter Convert the video then upload it

Does scooter smiff have a Bebo?

no on one his video on youtube that's called scooter smiff- real myspace info!!!!!!!!!!!! he says that he doesnt have a bebo and hes never heard of that

How do you get videos of my computer onto YouTube?

I have never seen or heard of anyone getting a video of youtube onto their COMPUTER but you can get the Embed Or Url And upload on Bebo Or Facebook

How do you take off a YouTube video you uploaded?

well you can upload youtube videos on bebo facebook and myspace that's all i know and enjoy if im right

Bebo vs YouTube?

youtube-you dont have to get an acount to look at stuff! allthough,Bebo is still good!!!lol!!

How do you copy and paste a YouTube video?

If its to a bebo account or something you go to your video thing and then upload then insert url, and copy and paste the website address of the video you want..!Hope this helps..!

Is Bebo a virus?

No it is certainly not! You can only get bebo viruses by accepting a mail that has a video attached to it and then you wach the video.

How do you upload a video from YouTube to bebo?

go to your video box and click "upload video"... then scroll to the bottom and click on "enter URL now >>"... then simply copy and paste the desired URL into the box... easy!

What is Taylor Lautner's Bebo address?

Taylor Lautner does not have a bebo cause, on his [real] youtube, it said he doesnt even know what a bebo is .

What is Selena Gomez's Bebo name?

She does not have bebo as she said in one of her youtube video's with Demi Lovato that her and Demi do not know what bebo is so if you see any Demi or Selena's on bebo they are FAKE

How do you add a video on Bebo?

Chose one on you tube and click add via bebo.

How do i upload a YouTube video to bebo?

To upload a video from you tube you have to go to your profile then go down to your videos after that you click on upload video at the top right hand side of the video box then scroll down to add a you tube video: Enter URL you click on that and then enter the URL for the video then it will upload and there you have it hope this helped x Download Dvdvideosoft. Add the Url of the YouTube Video and Paste it to DvdVideosoft. when you're done, go on My Documents, DvdVideoSoft, then the selected video. Then you can either Upload it to YouTube, or Convert it to an Mp4

What is Miley and Becky rosso's Bebo?

on milly and beckys official myspace they said ina video that they do not have a bebo

What is a famous YouTube video that starts with a y?

there is a youtube video called youtube that is famous

Are YouTube video previews safe?

YouTube video thumbnails on the official YouTube website are safe. They will only redirect you to the corresponding YouTube video when clicked on.

How do i attach another YouTube video to my YouTube video?

You can use YouTube's Video Editor

What is a partner on YouTube?

a partner on youtube is someone who you mak your video with or who watches your video the most on youtube.

How do I convert a YouTube video to CD?

How do I convert a YouTube video to CD?

How does one access a You Tube Video?

You can access to a Youtube video by going to Youtube, they have millions of video free for everyone to watch. You can create a video and put it up at Youtube.

Why is Bebo banned?

If you uploaded a nasty video you will be permanently banned .Or leaving nasty comments. If you have not done these things then contact bebo support.

Where can one view the DJ Cammy video Cupcake?

DJ Cammy is a popular Scottish DJ. The video Cupcake can be viewed on various sites such as YouTube as well as on Bebo and MySpace. There have been many videos of fans performing their versions of this song as well.

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