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How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?


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It comes with the Mystery gift...


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look at the wonder cards in the mystery gift menu. select the card and go on "delete"

You need to have Pokemon battle revoloution for wii and do mystery gift. What are they for?

You need to have Pokemon battle revoloution for wii and do mystery gift. What are they for?

AnswerIt is a card that gives you an item or a pokemon.

Main Menu > Mystery Gift. Then it shows your wonder card and also gives you an option to delete one or more.

Go 2 the guy next 2 the lady in jubilife studio and tell him stuff

When an event is on you must download the event through mystery gift snd the little card detailing the pokemon is the wonder card.

You get wonder cards by mystery gift. You can only get a Wonder Card for Pokémon Platinum if Nintendo is holding an event and giving out a specific Mystery Gift event. Pokemon events. Get the mystery gift and get it over wifi sometime in June-July second round or get it from a friend

mystery giftYou can'tEDIT BY ALLIE207: Mystery Gift on some occasions

The only way to get a Mystery Gift from a friend is if they have a Mystery Gift Wonder Card that is sharable. If they do they'll be able to select that when viewing it and then you'll be able to receive it from the "Get From A Friend" option under Mystery Gift.

Ha ha! No, not exactly. ^_^' They get the item needed to access that Pokemon labeled on the card., just like on your card.

darkrai wonder card (activate on start screen with dialga on by pressing L+R) check it out on the mystery gift then press L+R when going into a mart to see a green man the get the darkrai with the cherish ball

Transferring a Mystery Gift Wonder Card is only possible if a Wonder Card has been programmed to be transferrable sadly only Japanese players are capable of doing that with some of their Wonder Cards. Nintendo of America took that out for our Secret Key event.

Is one but you wont get it.Only for action replay card.

you get it through Nintendo event or mystery gift on Pokemon pearl platinum or diamond

You have to use the Mystery Gift option and connect to Wi-Fi from the End of June 2010 to about mid-July 2010 to get a Jirachi Wonder card and the Pokemon Jirachi.

Mystery gift is not really an item. You get Mystery gift and on the main menu you can select it. You can have 3 wonder cards (a card you receive when there is a Pokemon event.) I hope this answered your question

wonder card is when the Pokemon staff somehow give you a way to get a mystery gift. Right now if you go to toys R us you can get an arceus. He will be a wonder card, meaning he is a mystery gift. You go to mystery gift and choose receive via wireless communications when you are in toys r us, and you should (if you're standing in the right place) get a wonder card with arceus. Before arceus, there were wonder cards with regigigas, the secret key for rotom, oak's letter, and others. These events have expired, and there is one event at a time

Go onto the 3rd floor of the television station in Jubilife City. Theres a fat guy. Talk to him and answer his questions as follows: "Everyones Happy" "Wi-Fi Connection." This will activate the mystery gift system. You receive a wonder card at a Nintendo event by using this system.

If you're not going to use an event you'd have to have an action replay or R4 DS card.

A wonder card is something you get when you get an item. Sadly there is no such thing as wonder news in Pokemon

on no place YOU NEED A ACTION REPLAY.Wait, WHAT?!You need a Wonder Card with Arceus on it which can be obtain via Mystery Gift from a Nintendo Event. Otherwise...I suppose you can cheat to get it... u.u

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