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Another person would need to trade with you to get all 3 Starter Pokemon.

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gsc stands for gold silver and crystyl because they are all Pokemon games so gsc Pokemon are all Pokemon from Pokemon gold Pokemon silver and Pokemon crystyl and there it is you know the answer forever.

Spiritomb isn't in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal at all.

All the Pokemon blue, red,and yellow and a few from gold silver and crystal.

Trade from other Pokemon gold/silver games to get the other starters. No other ways i know of. Also, look out for the new Heart Gold and Soul Silver on the Nintendo DS coming soon!

I don't know about silver but on Pokemon Gold you have to beat all the Kimono Girls.Was that helpful.

Gold. Because it has better graphics and all kinds of cool stuff!

when you get all 202 Pokemon in emerald the proffessor will give 1 out of the 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon gold and silver.

You can first collect all of the Pokemon for the hoen dex in Pokemon emerald you will get 1 of the 3 Pokemon gold/silver/crystle series starters then use the get all of the starters trick to get them all then migrate them to Pokemon diamond or pearl.

You'll need all 16 Gym Badges then you can go to Mt. Silver.

no but in certain version there are different Pokemon so you have to trade to get them all

get hart gold then transfer it to soul silver

yes, you can't use a wireless adapter you must use a link cable and have completed all objectives required to trade "back in time" from gold/silver. also, all Pokemon in your party when you are trading must have NO new moves from gold/silver and you cannot trade new Pokemon

Need 2 gold, silver, or crystal. i dont even care, u just need two games that either are gold, silver, or crystal. choose one pokemon, and trade it over to the other game. Delete the game that has no starter anymore. do it again, and u will have all starters.

you must have Pokemon fire red or leafgreen Pokemon emerald or sappire or ruby and Pokemon silver or Pokemon gold then migrate them

You need a Gameshark or ActionreplayYou need a Gameshark. I use to steal Pokemon in Pokemon Gold and Silver with my Gameshark all the time.

Get all 16 badges and talk to prof. Oak

you find them in kanto after beating the pokemon league in heart gold, soul silver, silver, gold, and crystal

shadow can not me found in Pokemon soul silver or heart gold in fact it cant be found at all

The Silver Cave is located in Mt. Silver in which you can go after you get all the Johto and Kanto badges. In the Silver Cave you can find lots of strong Pokemon and fight the final boss, Red at the top of the cave.

to get to MT Silver you have to beat all the gyms then can go through the place the man was blocking off by vermion city too the left where the Pokemon league was on Pokemon fire red.Hope this will help you

Trade with other people who have heart gold or soul silver.