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if you want to cheat to get all legendary Pokemon on ruby you have to play on the computer

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Q: How do you get all the legendary Pokemon on Ruby version with cheats?
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Kyogre Pokemon ruby?

This legendary Pokemon can only be acquired on Ruby Version through trade from Sapphire Version or Emerald Version.

What type is the legendary Pokemon from ruby version?


What are the legendary Pokemon of spirit ruby?

groudon but in a updated version.

What is after Latios on the Pokedex in Pokemon Ruby?

After Latios comes Kyogre, the legendary Pokemon for Sapphire Version.

How do yu catch all legendary Pokemon in ruby version?

Use pokeballs.

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon orange?

they are. you just have to look for cheats for Pokemon ruby version. (:

How do you get Pokemon ruby game cheats in PC?

Download the PC version of AR

What legendary Pokémon are there on Pokémon Ruby?

in Pokemon ruby there are these legendaries: Groudon, rayquasa, regice, regirock, regesteel, latios. (these are without cheats or events)

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

Cheats for Pokemon ruby?

no cheats

What is the Pokemon team in Pokemon ruby version no legendary?

Alakazam,Salamence,Walrein,Sceptile,Aggron,Metagross. :) is the ideal team :)

How do you make a day Pass in Pokemon Ruby Version?

If you have a game shark for your system check the cheats.