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How do you get all the ranks in Pokemon sapphire?


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February 24, 2008 4:23PM

I hope you meant Trainer Card Stars when you you said "rank". I don't think you have to do them in this order, but you have to do them all to achieve all five ranks and obtain four stars. Here they are. Rank 1: Green Card (Zero Stars) - You start off with this card at the start of the game. Rank 2: Bronze Card (One Star) - Beat the Elite Four once. Rank 3: Copper Card (Two Stars) - Catch all 200 Pokemon. Rank 4: Silver Card (Three Stars) - Win a Master Rank Contest in each Category. Rank 5: Gold Card (Four Stars) - Beat fifty Trainers in a row at the Battle Tower in either Lv50 or Open Level. Remember, do the tasks in any order you want, but the ranks, color of the card, and the number of stars will rise in the above sequence. Hope I helped.