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in a place with bridge

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What Pokemon in Pokemon ranger 2 is number 260?


What Pokemon has the gust x3 that you Can keep in Pokemon ranger 1?


Where do you find altaria in Pokemon Ranger?

at the chroma highlands right next to the entrance to the cave.

What Pokemon comes in between flygon and togekiss on your browser in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

Altaria - you can find one at the entrance to the ruins

What does altaria evolve into?

Altaria does not evolve

How do you make altaria evolve?

Altaria does not evolve

What level does altaria evolve?

Altaria doesn't evolve.

At what level does altaria evolve in Pokemon ruby?

Altaria does not evolve.

When Altaria learns earthquake?

Altaria learns earthquake from TM26.

What is the first evolution of altaria?

The first evolution of Altaria is Swablu.

What Pokemon comes between aerodactyl and altaria in the browser in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

(in alphabetical order) Aggron, Aipom and Alakazam (numerical order) Flygon

What type is an altaria?

An Altaria is a dual Dragon-Flying type Pokemon.

How do you make altaria evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Altaria doesn't evolve.

Where is the Pokemon the comes in between togekiss and flygon located in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

its altaria and its at the choroma ruins (after beating darkrai) for more information visit (

What lvl does altaria learn dragopulse?

Altaria learns Dragon Pulse at level 54.

What time does altaria learn dragonbreath on sapphire?

Altaria learns dragonbreath at level 35.

Where can you find altaria in Pokemon platinum?

you can't get altaria but you can get swablu then evolve it, swablu is in route 210

Where can you get an altaria in Pokemon pearl?

You can't get altaria but you can get swablu at the top of route 210 where it gets foggy.

When was Unholy - Altaria album - created?

Unholy - Altaria album - was created in 2009.

How do you get altaria on Pokemon SoulSilver?

The only way to receive an Altaria in Soul Silver is if you catch a Swablu in a Pokemon swarm, Proffeser Oak on Pokemon Talk will tell you, and raise it to be an Altaria

Is Altaria Rare The Card Rare?

i have an altaria you could get it from avondale market(where i got mine) but its in a humongous pack with duskinoir up the front but ill say altaria is quite rare

What level does altaria learn sky attack?

In Emerald Altaria learns Sky Attack at level 59

What is the national pokedex number for Altaria?

Altaria is #190 in the national pokedex, and it is a Dragon-Flying type Pokemon.

Does altaria evolve?


What lvl does a altaria learn perish song on Pokemon platinum?

Altaria learns Perish Song at Level 62.