Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get another starter Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?


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You cant. You have to trade pokemon.

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Trade with another Pearl or Diamond.

The starter pokemon for Diamond and Pearl are Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar.

Turtwig in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond.

you get piplup as a starter in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum

Piplup is obtained as a starter in Diamond and Pearl or through trades.

you get it as a starter in diamond, pearl and platinum

Get it as a starter in diamond, pearl and platinum

You get Turtwig as a starter from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

piplup, turtwig and chimchar, same as diamond and pearl

you cant in platinum but you could trade from Diamond and Pearl or another Platinum.

you cannot get another starter Pokemon in Pokemon pearl because professer rowan only lets you keep one starter Pokemon......so that means the only way to get another starter Pokemon is to trade it with someone. P.S.trust me,no one is going to trade you there ONLY starter Pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have another copy of Pokemon Diamond or have Pearl or Platinum with a different DS, you can trade between systems and have one of them start a new file and pick the Starter you are missing to trade to your primary Pokemon Diamond file. It'd be easier to have a friend help you as well.

Yes you can. Turtwig is a starter pokemon, just like Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

Yeah In Pokemon Platinum, Pearl and Diamond xD what kind of a question is that

Buy 2 Pokemon Pearl / Diamond and trade them over to one, or do so with you're friend.

If your friend or brother or anybody has Pokemon diamond or pearl, give them your chosen starter Pokemon, start a new game, get turtwig and get the original starter Pokemon back.you have 2 pick it when u r choosing your first Pokemon because it is a starter

you need another ds and diamond, then trad the Pokemon to pearl. jay17

you can`t in Pokemon diamond or pearl you need to chose chimchar as your starter

Well this is one way you will need two Nintendo ds's and a platinm and diamond or pearl or platinum, just get a starter Pokemon in diamond in pearl or diamond and trade it into platinum, repeat this until you have all starters! If you have an action replay though, You can go to trainers who have the Pokemon, battle them, then capture their Pokemon!

they are the same starter pokemon as in diamond and pearl. they are turtwig (grass type), chimchar (fire type), and piplup (water type)

Piplup is a starter Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl. you can get him early in the game as your starter Pokemon.

There will be Pokemon Platinum, but I am not sure of the release date.

Firstly its Darkry not dark cry and secondly its a Pokemon obtained by hacking pearl or diamond.

Empoleon is not a legendary Pokemon. It is the final evolution of Piplup, one of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Sorry No you can see some of the johto league Pokemon on Pokemon diamond and pearl if you go to the battle tower. ive seen a totodile and a cynaquil already. ;)

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