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Only UK residents can audition for the Harry Potter movies.

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I guess get on a plane or something and go to London where the auditions are.

The 7th movie auditions will be in london, but you have to have British residency proof to be considered.

Auditions are closed now for all Harry Potter films. There are also regulations about who can audition. For example, you must be British or Irish to audition.

exampleyes if your an intellegent actor/actress.e.g a girl from dunboyne is in Harry Potter!!but they should hold auditions in dublin because she had to fly over to London tio do the audition!

London, the same place as all the auditions are. The audtitions address with be with the auditions announcement. Living in Ireland won't mean a different audition place.

Harry Potter stayed in Gryffindor Tower.

The final Harry Potter movie completed filming in 2010.The spin-off series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is currently in production. If there are any open auditions, they will be announced in the media.

Harry Potter is a ficticious character, from the "Harry Potter" series of books. There may be real people who happen to be called Harry Potter, but if there are, they are of course unrelated to the Harry Potter wizard from the stories.

The Dursley's and Harry Potter lived in Surrey.

Yes, Harry Potter lives in Surrey, England.

The Harry Potter books are set in England, not in the USA.

The auditions were held July 1 for the male part and July 8 for the female part. The child had to be between the ages 15-18, and live in either the UK or Ireland.

He doesn't. Harry Potter is a fictitious character, so he doesn't "live in real life".

They're all british. JK said when they were holding auditions for Harry Potter that she did not want anyone but Irish, Biritish, Scottish people to play the characters except for Karkaroff and the Beauxbatons girls or anyone who needed to be from a different ethnic background.

Harry Potter lived with his parents in Godric's Hollow until they died

Harry Potter survived the series but he would have died at some point.

The UK does not have states. They have counties instead. Harry Potter lived in Surrey.

Harry Potter is a fictional Character written by J.K Rowling. In the books he lives in England.

Harry potter lived with his aunt and uncle who disliked him because he was a wizard.

Someone who does not deserve to live. It is a well known fact that nothing beats Harry Potter

Harry Potter lives with the Dursley family; they are his aunt and uncle and cousin Dudley.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Videogame does not have Xbox Live capability, although it is possible to interface with Kinect.

You can't. Only people from the UK can audition for Harry Potter movies.

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