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I dont think there is a 'Baby Gaga' but there is a 'Lady Gaga. ' so yea. Sorry!!

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Is Lady Gaga having a baby?

No, Lady Gaga is not having a baby

Does Lady Gaga have a baby boy?

No, Lady Gaga has no children.

Did Lady Gaga have her baby?

No lady gaga has to children what so ever

Did lady ga ga have a baby?

No, Lady GaGa has not had a baby.

How do you pronounce Lady Gaga?

just plain lady then gaga kinda like a baby

What is baby yaga?

It is a mixture of my two favorite things! Lady gaga and baby yoga.

What is kesha's nickname?

I think it's baby Gaga....think

Does Lady Gaga want a baby?

Lady Gaga has expressed that she would like a child in the future, but she chooses to focus on her career at this time.

Does Lady Gaga really has daughter?

No she scare her baby by the way she dresses.

Is moshi monster freemason?

Well lady gaga is a freemason and lady go go is lady gaga but just a baby lady gaga and it gives one eye so yeah it is freemason.

What does goo gaga mean?

Goo Goo GaGa means simply going crazy over something, or what a baby says. hehe :b

What is English for GaGa?

It means mama but the baby says it before their gums develop.

Did lady gaga have a baby with justin bieber?

Heck no! she dosen't even like him!

Why is Lady Gaga angry about moshimonsters star lady goo goo?

Because moshi monster made a baby lady gaga and now moshi can not have that character

What is Lady Gaga favourite song?

it is baby by Justin bieber she addmited it on a magazine that i read

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