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I have no wish to get back at your parents.

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Q: How do you get back at my parents?
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Is it possible for a child to be placed back with the parents if the parents rights have been terminated?

If a parents rights have been terminated they cant get they're child back.

Your parents want give your phone back?

You mean your parents won't give you your phone back?

How do you get my PS3 back from my parents?

Best to ask them what you have to do to get your PS3 back.

How can you be boss of your parents?

You can talk back.

Can you get held back in 8th grade?

not without parents permission

What Is the best way to get back at your parents?

If you get back at ur parents they are goanna punish you MORE,,,,BAD IDEA,,,,,BUT ALSO FUN hahaha :)

How do you get your parents to get back together after they have had a divorce?

Well you really can't make your parents get back together after there divorced. You shouldn't worrying about that. If its fate then they will get back together on their own... Just show your parents that you will always love them no matter what <3 hoped that help :)

What do you do if your parents kick you out of your home and you can't support yourself?

go back and appologize them because they are your parents.

If you are banned for ever on cp do you get back on it?

Its possible! What you can do is have your parents contact Club Penguin Support by calling them. You can't just E-Mail them because they have to know that its your parents they are talking to. After you call them, have your parents tell them that they are your parents and that your penguin was banned and ask if they can give it back.

Can I move out of my parents house in Chicago IL at 17?

Yes can move out, because the police can NOT make you go back home they can tell you your parents want you back But can NOT oblicate you to go back home.

How do you get your parents off your back about homework?

Finish your homework.

How do you get your psp back from your parents?

If you made a mistake or played too much on it .You will need to listen to your parents. And apologize .

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