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Finish your homework.

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Q: How do you get your parents off your back about homework?
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How do you get your children to have better grades in the sims 2?

Make sure they do their homework as soon as they get back from school and have one of their parents help them study, click on the homework book and then "ask for homework help".

How to gain back my parents trust?

Show them that you're responsible. Get a pet, do your homework, do chores, etc.

Do parents want homework or not?

Yes the want you to do your homework.

What do parents let their kid get away with on weekends?

late nights,sleeping in,lost of tv,and putting off homework

What pisses teenagers off?

homework, huge school projects due the next day, parents, and butt head friends

What do kids do more homework or games?

Kids have way more play time than their parents, so they play games more than they do homework. They only do homework for a few hours a night during weeknights, and usually have the whole weekend off.

How do you get your iPhone back from parents?

Listen and do as the parents request. Or, get a job and pay for your own phone. Avoid long conversations when you should be doing homework or sleeping--just difficult to do as you must when you are tired.

What do you when you forget your Homework what do you tell your parents?

"I forgot to do my homework. I know I should do extra homework so I can learn how to punctuate and capitalize a sentence."

Is holiday homework for children or parents?

Homework is supposed to be for the child to help them learn the material better.

Why do kids have to do homework?

Kids have homework because the want the parents to have tons of stress as well as the kids.

How long does a carpenter have to go to college?

until his parents get off his back

What should you do when you turn 10?

Mind your parents and do your homework.

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