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Homework is supposed to be for the child to help them learn the material better.

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Q: Is holiday homework for children or parents?
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How come parents always think children are not doing homework?

the parents are always worried about them

What percent of parents do their child's homework?

Too many - children are supposed to do their own homework to help them learn, but there are parents who want to help their kids get better grades so they will do the homework for them. In the long run, however, these parents are selling their children short by not allowing them to learn on their own.

How does holiday homework make interest of children?

Er ... what? I THINK you're asking why children are interested in holiday homework but I'm not certain. Many children don't like homework at all because it's work and they're not mature enough to understand the value of work. However, some kids like exercising their brains - they enjoy learning and like the challenge of doing homework.

What is holiday homework called in Hindi?

In Hindi, holiday homework can be called Avkaash grahkarya.

How do you use the word mentality in a sentence?

I don't understand the mentality of the parents who do homework for their children.

Can parents blackmail their kids?

Parents blackmail their children all the time. Often it is only the way a parent can get their children to do something (homework, clean their bedroom, etc.).

How do you get your children to have better grades in the sims 2?

Make sure they do their homework as soon as they get back from school and have one of their parents help them study, click on the homework book and then "ask for homework help".

Is homework just for children?

no homework is for adults and children

What do children and parents do in the evening?

Evening is usually dinner, homework, and playtime for children. However, parents, please do not forget to spend some special time reading a favorite story to your children, or singing and playing with your children before bedtime.

What is called holiday homework in sanskrit?


How do you get your parents off your back about homework?

Finish your homework.

Do parents want homework or not?

Yes the want you to do your homework.

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