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How do you get back songs that you deleted on your iPod?


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You can't, you have to reload them on it.

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Yes your songs will be deleted but you can get them off the iPod using a program such as iDump or iPod2Computer Transfer Curtis White

If the song is deleted, then you can't put it on your iPod.

No. You have to delete the songs from ITunes. Sorry

you choose your song u wanna put then u sync everything back in the ipod using i tunes

Unless you tell the ipod or laptop to deleate them no.

Yes, as long as you have ever used the iTunes to sync files to your iPod Touch, even if the device is lost or you accidentally deleted or wiped out the data, you still have chances to recover those precious deleted files. If you have made backups on iTunes or iCloud, you could use a third-party tool like PhoneRescue to get back your deleted songs on your iPod touch. For no backup, you can still use the tool to retrieve songs directly from device.

Songs cannot be deleted directly from the iPod. Connect the iPod to the computer using the USB cable, and delete the songs you want to delete in iTunes, then click the sync button.

When you unlock a passcode that has been forgotten on your iPod Touch, all of your songs will unfortanetly be deleted, and you will have to put all of them back on. But if you are CHANGING your passcode, off of the settings button on your iPod Touch, nothing will happen to your current memory.

The songs can't be deletes with the iPod. They must be deleted using iTunes.

Go to songs and swipe your finger across the song you want deleted

plug your ipod into the computer which you downloaded your songs on, and go to your itunes account and redrag your songs back to your ipod.

I lost my ipod touch and the songs is there anyway i can get my songs back?

You must drag it back onto the iPod via iTunes when your iPod is plugged into the computer.

Normally you can't delete songs directly from your ipod touch, you should erase it from your Itunes library then sync with the Ipod touch, it should be deleted when the sync is finished.

When the songs were erased from your Ipod, you can never get it back, maybe you have plugged in your iPod to other PC/laptop that has itunes. You should connect your iPod only to the PC where you have installed your own itunes.

It depends. Do you use iTunes with your iPod? If yes, then why not just sync it again and get all your songs back? But if you mean your iPod actually went on your computer and deleted all your music, which i don't think happens very often, then your going to have to download all your music again!

I presume your talking about an ipod? If you've deleted them from your ipod, you just need to connect it to itunes and put all your music back on. If you've somehow managed to delete them from itunes, you will need to go back to the itunes store and redownload ALL your songs (if you have trouble remembering all your songs, just go to your inbox and check your itunes receipts) if you downloaded from a p2p file sharing network (e.g limewire, frostwire) you can just go up to library>downloaded then drag all your songs from there into itunes then onto your ipod.

If it is an ipod you can just sync it with itunes.

you dont unless you resync it to the backup

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